Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's a String Thing Challenge #74

Lealad, Twizted & Kiss

This was a wayward start to this weeks "It's a String Thing" challenge.
I've had all three of these patterns in my sketchbook yet I've never explored them beyond my step-out pages. I started a tile last night but I was having trouble arranging them into the string so I finally gave it a rest and went to bed.
At the cafe this morning I pulled out my sketchbook and practiced the patterns some more then I felt ready to have a go at a tile (I'd finished my first cup of coffee). I'd forgotten which challenge I was doing and forgot the string. It's a little overworked in places and I wasn't very happy with it at first but it's sort of grown on me.
Then this came about...

 "It's a String Thing~Challenge #74: string 74 with Lealad, Twizted & Kiss

I recently unearthed a set of Rapidiograph technical pens I've had since grad school. I got one working and I find the larger nib sizes to be great for nice solid fills but the ink needs a minute to dry. I ended up with an ink blob in the middle of everything, hence the dark shadow as my attempt to hide it. It's all part of the journey.

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