Friday, January 23, 2015

Diva Challenge #201 for Moebius Syndrome Awareness

The Moebius Syndrome Foundation logo
decorated with "Wud" "Heartstrings" & "N'zeppel"

This weeks challenge from I am the Diva is to raise awareness of Moebius Syndrome, a rare disorder that affects 1 in a million people. The Diva, Laura Harms has a young son with Moebius Syndrome.
She describes his condition as a congenital nerve disorder that effects cranial VI & VII nerves that control the lateral movement of the face. There are delayed developmental milestones that include eating & feeding, low muscle tone, club feet and low tolerance/resistence to virus, among others.
Moebius Awareness Day is January 24 and we're using the Moebius Syndrome foundation logo as the string for this weeks submission.


  1. Great tile! Love the background and your Wud is really cool looking!

  2. A really great tile with lovely coloring.

  3. Your Moebius strip is wonderful...I really like the Wud! A must try! And there is something about the tile that is so warm and welcoming! I think I am attracted to the beautiful coloring!

    1. Thank you Lynell! Wud is my new favorite. I was inspired by Lily's Tangles. She uses Wud beautifully.

  4. Beautiful tile. I love the colors you have chosen...they really work together well on the Wud tangle. And the hint of purple is perfect. Great tile