Saturday, January 24, 2015

That's New to Me & It's a String Thing~ TangleBomb Saturday

Vano, Verve, Voxter, Vigne & Veezley

This tile is for "That's New to Me". Each week we are given the perameter of  a letter of the alphabet and seek out a pattern that starts with that letter that we have never used before. This was a fun challenge but it took a while to get here. From the get-go I wanted to used Vano as my string. I love the shapes. 
We are only required to use one pattern. I get ambitious and over-do and as usual I spend a great deal of time noodling around on the internet looking for ideas and inspiration but mostly I'm just procrastinating. I love all of the different challenges there are out there, focusing on different themes and pulling me out of my comfort zone. I'm also a bit OCD/ADD so I will keep at something and if I make what I believe to be some egregious mistake (that no one else would even notice) I will start again. Other times I've got 2 or 3 things going on at the same time and bounce around without giving each one the attention it deserves.
I don't have internet at home for a very good reason: I'd never leave the house. So, I come around the corner to my favorite cafe, fuel up with coffee and surf the net, draw, write and edit pics.
Currently, the challenge within the challenges is to get each one completed, blogged and submitted. Saturday is a deadline for a few, so here I am playing beat the clock. This is the second time I've done this. Maybe I should call this TangleBomb Saturday.

This is my submission for this week's "It's a String Thing" Challenge:

string #76 
patterns used: Fjord, Trumpits & Oolo

oohhhhh this challenge really vexed me. Once again yanked out of my comfort zone with a string I had the most difficult time wrapping my brain around with these patterns, none of which I've ever used before. It's all good though.


  1. I really love your V zentangle. It's beautiful!

    The string in string thing gave me troubles too. It's so harsh and straigth. And I do love the soft swirly lines. But yours turned out great. Love the colors and you made fjord look cool.

  2. Great tile design for the challenge! Beautiful tile for the Sring Thing challenge too!

  3. Wow, both of these are beautiful - especially the top image which is gorgeous! What brilliant work