Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Diva Challenge #334, Joey's Challenge #184 and more...

"Crazy 'Nzeppel"
additionally: Pixioze, Beadlines and fanning Fescu

Earlier this week, Sakura published a video of Molly drawing Crazy 'Nzeppel. I'm crazy about 'Nzeppel so awaaaayyyyy we go!
I'm also in a back-to-basics mode after making myself a nice stack of white tiles.

9 piece ensemble series: tile #7
Featuring: whaaat?!?..."Nzeppel"
additionally: Baton, Striping, Flux & Tripoli

More Crazy 'Nzeppel. Love it! I think this is one of everyone's Mac 'n Cheese patterns. I could keep drawing it all week.
We're two weeks short of completing this ensemble. I'm so anxious to see everyone's finished creation. Mine included.
I've been deliberate about NOT showing the group until it's done, only because I'm trying hard not to make it look like an Opus that's been divided into 9 sections.
This is what I started with. It's 2 different sets of ATC's colored with art tissue. My goal was to make 9 individual and self-contained pieces tied together with a string and a color story. With the exception of checking to make sure the string is still lining up, I don't cross tiles with the same pattern. I honestly don't know how it's all gonna relate in the end.

beginning another play with 'Nzeppel.

I figured this week was the perfect opportunity to focus on one of my faves. This one started with the crossing line work using my Rapidograph technical pen (waterproof) and water-soluble Staedtler Triplus Fineliner for the orbs, then...

...a few sprays of water....

A couple of weeks ago, Adele Bruno's "It's a String Thing" Challenge was Ampersand inspired. I Googled images of ampersand's and was fascinated by what cool strings they'd be, so I made a few. I never ended up creating anything for the challenge but these are fun to play with.
This was my string for this week's Diva Challenge:

...another ampersand start...

...using Eni Oken's Echo-lines
I love Echo lines

I haven't shaded this one yet, but here's another one that I did:

There's an ampersand in there somewhere.

For Square One: Purely Zentangle
African Artist and Pixioze

For the FB group Tangled and Journaled: Too!
The Little Zen Menu weekly prompts
Zendala #66, "Ta-da", Spirals and red/violet

Aimee talking to a crow

She was making a sound I've never heard from her before. When ever the crow cawed, she'd respond with a sort of a staccato meow. It made me think of a baby velociraptor;-) She is such a trip!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Diva Challenge #333, Joey's Weekly Challenge #183 etc....

Guest Post: TanglePod's Juliette Feissinger and Kellie Fellinge

This weeks challenge is to choose a tangle or two that feel cozy. My initial thought was, of course, to go to my mac 'n cheese patterns, those friendly no-brainers I've collected in my 20 Patterns arsenal.
I didn't do that. I chose "Verve". I love to aura. Auras are cozy. Coffee is cozy. Cat is cozy.
I recently created a couple of sets of tiles/atc's using a new and very budget friendly watercolor palette. This is my first test of how pen friendly the surface is. It feels a little dusty but so far it's not clogging up the pens. My go-to black fine-liner is a .35 Rapidograph technical pen. I also used gelli rolls (blue and dark red) and the purple Staedtler Triplus Fineliner.

9 piece ensemble series
ATC #6 featuring: Ginili
additionally: Prestwood, echo lined Mooka, Striping, Opus, Tipple

Moving right along with my ensemble piece.

Travelling Tangles:

My finish... this lovely start by Margaret Blank
travelling all the way from the UK

My finish...

... another of Margaret's starts

It's a String Thing Challenge #212
spiral string
featuring:  Wrapped and Danzer

This is a late addition. I seem to have difficulties getting the IAST challenges done. This week we were to use the pattern Ok-rah as well but I could not figure out how to fit it in. I love "Wrapped". I'll definitely add to my arsenal;-)

"Aimee gets Cozy"

I've taken to keeping my masonite art clip board handy for when my work table is commandeered...
note to self: get a smaller clip board😉🐾💞

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Diva Challenge # 332, Joey Challenge #182 etc...

"2 Squared"
Ha-krall, Abukas and Printemps

The Diva is back from her Summer hiatus. The challenge is to create a string using 2 squares.

9 piece ensemble series
ATC #5 
Featuring: "Muscari"
Additionally: Pixioze, Batumber, Striping, Paisley Boa and Fescu

The "92 Days" Summer prompts are complete and now we're moving on to a series of prompts called  "The Little Zen Menu" from the Facebook group Tangled and Journaled Too! 5 or 6 prompts are posted every Saturday to choose from. I have one last pocket journal to complete so I decided to start with the weekly zendala template (selected from Erin Olsen's "Weekly Zendala Dare challenge  from her blog "The Bright Owl") and incorporate as many of the other prompts as makes sense.

Zendala template #43

Zendala Template #58
"Binda" (Melinda Barlow's Echo-lined Mooka)

Travelling Tangles completed this week:

my finish... this inspiring start by Deb Huff

my finish... this start by Stephanie Jennifer

I came home from work last night to some lovely Travelling Tangles in my mailbox. Aimee commandeered them;-)
"Why you needs happy mail? you got me!"

My nieces had given me and my sister gift certificates to this art studio a couple of Christmas's ago and we finally got it done;-)

Drinking wine and making art with the family. Good times🍻❤😀

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Joey's Weekly Challenge #181 and other stuff

Ensemble piece #4
Featuring: "Breach"
Additionally: Striping, Crescent Moon, Tripoli

Travelling Tangles:

My finish...

Arukas seems to be one of my go to solutions to many Travelling Tangle quandaries. This idea for Arukas came from something I saw on Lily Moon's blog. this fun start by Debra Huff

92 Days: Done🍻

Moving on to a new series of drawing prompts at Tangled and Journaled Too! called The Little Zen Menu.
5 or so prompts are posted each week to pick and choose as we please.

Zendala string #64

I don't find I have the discipline or precision for zendalas, but, I'll give it the old college try.

"Uhhh...hello?...I don't see salmon pate on this list?"

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