Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Diva Challenge #244/#243, Made by Joey #87, String Challenge #119

Tripoli Triptastic

Hmmmmm....Tripoli. This could have gone so many ways...for me it's usually off-the-rails. This is one of those patterns that works better in the hands of others. I started off slooooowwwly, really concentrating on the space between the lines and it was going okay until I started shading. I don't hate it but don't love it either.
Diva Challenge #243
A Tiny Taste #1

A Tiny Taste #2

This is a little catch-up from last week. The challenge was to leave more blank space than filled. This got me thinking about creating a series of labels. I'm going to try this again in just black and white.

Xplode monotangle

The black card was an ATC I made awhile back whilst practicing the application of black gesso onto white watercolor paper. Xplode seemed to demand a trip to the dark side.

String # 11
using Adele's pattern "100", "Bublz" and "Ripples"

For this week's "It's a String Thing" Challenge, Adele's prompt is inspired by the 100th anniversary of Coca Cola, hence the bottle shaped string and the chosen tangles.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Antonine's Throwback Thursday #6~Reflection

I just got back from a road trip to Oregon. I brought my tangling gear with me but there was just no time, so I'll probably be playing catch-up with this week's challenges into next week.
Antonine's TBT challenge struck a chord: Reflection and thinking about a piece that made you feel good and since this one was already in my toolbox, at least I could check one challenge off my list. 
I immediately remembered this Square One challenge. The pattern was Gneiss and it was one of the first pieces I ever posted. I was not all that crazy about the challenge as I started it.
I do not have a steady hand and really cannot draw a straight line to save my life. I remember being frustrated at not being able to achieve the precision and consistency of linework I was seeing in the work of others. I created and tossed several tiles before I got to this. I remember looking at the almost finished piece and being really unhappy with my rounding. After dealing with the fear of messing it up, I plunged in and started to scribble. It was then I explored and embraced my sketchy/squiggly internal aura technique. and I remember how pleased I was with the results and how it gave me confidence. 
From the road:

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

That's New to Me #44 & It's a String Thing #117

TNTM #44
explore a new "M" pattern: Marble
Artist Focus: Kathy Barringer's "Antique"

It's a String Thing Challenge #117
Adele's new pattern: Sand

I don't like the way this is scanning but the photo's not so great either. Not sure which is the lesser of two evils.

This was my practice page in a little handmade sketchbook I made the other day. I fully intended to create a real tile because I really love this pattern, but time ran out and ....well. that's a total lie,.. I went all ADD with this:


As if I don't have enough to distract me from the few obligations I have in my life, I added another Zentangle ATC swap to my plate for the FB group Tangled and Journaled, Too.
I've been seeing so many beautiful renaissance tiles out there and decided this would be a great excuse to explore it as a series for the new swap. I was initially inspired by Antonine's beautiful insect series she posted for her Throwback Thursday challenge #5: Unusual.  
I started by creating a set of ATC's with my version of a renaissance watercolor background wash. I'm still working on the Black & White Niuroda series for my other swap group,  so I just played around with it on the little trimmings from my ATC cuts, auditioning every brown drawing tool in my box figuring out how to shade it.
I'm using a brown gel pen, Micron Sepia 01 & 05, Micron brown (it's actually rust) and Prismacolor pencils Henna & White.
I'm calling this one finished... for now. I'll probably do a final drop shadow.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Diva Challenge #242 and other stuff...

Diva Challenge#242

I've been noodling around in the sketchbook a lot this week. I had already been playing around with "Gourdgeous" over the weekend when the pattern was published on I created the one above this morning when I randomly pulled out one of my trusty old watercolor ATC's and just let it flow. Both "Verve" and "Gordgeous" came on my radar over the weekend and it all morphed together for my Inktober entry that day. To be honest "Gourdgeous"... it's not my favorite pattern. I practiced it A LOT before I had anything worth sharing.

"Verve" & "Gordgeous" with a little "Diva Dance"
for Shading Zentangle 
Made By Joey Challenge #85
"Verdigogh" Monotangle

I had some ATC's left over from last months Zentangle Artist's Trading Card Swap and Verdigogh seemed  like an appropriate fit.
Some of the  ATC's sent out into the world via the ZATC "Everything Autumn" October Swap

These next two tiles are my start to this month's Zentangle Artists Trading Card Swap. The November theme is black and white, using only patterns that start with N. I took a page from the Diva challenge from a couple of weeks ago where Laura used black gesso swiped over an old tile. 
Zentangle Artists Trading Card Swap
November~Black & White N tangles
The theme of my approach to this month's swap is Niuroda November with a touch of 'Nzeppel.

Square One Purely Zentangle
 Shading Zentangle 
Pattern Focus is "Verve"

Throwback Thursday #5
for Antonine's Tangles
Fun with a tangle

I think this was a Square One challenge focusing on "BB" (I never labeled anything back then).  I remember being pretty uninspired by the challenge at first and had many fits and starts until I stumbled upon "Pots 'n Pans" and it all came together. I remember having a lot of fun with it and I still enjoy looking at it.