Sunday, January 25, 2015

Square One: Purely Zentangle ~ Rixty

Rixty + Pokeleaf + Zinger

Square One: Purely Zentangle is a facebook group whose mission statement, so to speak, is to get back to the basics of Zentangle. Each week one pattern is chosen for us to delve into without the enhancement of color (neither paper or medium) using a 3 1/2" square tile. Simply: frame, string, draw, shadow & sign.
The pattern of the week is "Rixty". I can't say I was too crazy about this one at first but it's growing on me. This photo was gray scaled after I forgot myself and picked up my rust micron to draw Pokeleaf then continuing to go rogue with blue zingers. 
I find myself, from time to time, not knowing when to stop, but such is the beauty of the journey through Zentangle. When I think about it, I'll stop, take picture, send it to my computer and take another look and carry on (or not) as I see fit. Then if I screw it up I've still got the previous version.
I really just wanted to focus on shadowing viney lines. I saw some really great shading on some of the submissions so far, but something is telling me to continue on with this one.
Here's some shadow practice. Practice being the definitive word.

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