Friday, July 13, 2018

A Duo-Challenge and Other Artsy Stuff...

Throwback Diva #3: A Blind String
featuring: Stiks and Munchin

This week I'm using Diva #3 as my Throwback companion to Adele's IAST challenge. I always seem to do some kind of figure 8 string no matter how hard I try to avoid it. I did a quick Pinterest search to find a new-to-me, floral-ish pattern and found these two. Love them! Fortunately Adele's string was an easy fit and though I wasn't all that inspired by looking at Stiks initially, once I started drawing it, I loved it and then Munchin was a super zen addition as well. I added a little bit of "Morse" too. This took forever and I truly enjoyed it.

I've been loving the loads of Happy Mail I'm receiving from my Travelling Tangles peeps. Each envelope is a treasure trove of inspiration. Check this out...

Seriously! who would not LOVE getting this in the mail, notice that awesome envelope that Heidi Whitney sent. Amazing;-)

Another pile of delights from Spring Taylor

In addition to the lovely starts, my swap mates send extra backgrounds, colorful trimmings, note cards and other miscellaneous bits that speak to my multi media junk journaling muse. I had accumulated quite a stockpile, so I thought I'd have a little fun with them.

Some Travelling Tangles completed this past week:

My finish... this gorgeous start by Heidi Whitney

Another finish... another of Heidi's starts

This weeks post was a little later than I usually like. I was out of town on Wednesday (my blog day) for a work related farm trip. 

More Cheese Adventures
This is Haley.
She's a 10 day old water buffalo.
We went to Double 8 Dairy in Sonoma. They are audaciously and relentlessly working toward a retail market for fresh buffalo milk mozzarella and California.  This is crazy- rare...and oh, so heavenly:-) We use their buffalo milk base for the soft-serve in our creamery.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

A New Journey

Joey Throwback Challenge#1
It's a String Thing Challenge #250

Greetings my tangling friends joining me here for what will be a new, and hopefully inspiring new road in my art journey.
I started Coffee & Creativity 3 1/2 years ago as a way to share my responses to the weekly Zentangle challenges and other artsy endeavors. The challenges seem to have run their course, but It's a String Thing still endures as does my Zentangle practice. 
So,  my idea for the next couple of weeks is to continue on with my Duo-Challenges partnering the IAST weekly challenge with a grab bag of throwback Diva and Joey Challenges and Square One: Purely Zentangle weekly patterns. I made a list of 5 challenges from each. I put them in a jar and will draw one every Monday. I will loosely interpret them, if necessary, to fit the purposes of my page which is to have a useful and interesting pattern reference.
This one was challenging to say the least. I had difficulty integrating the two sides and Adele's string went totally out the window.
I was watching a Southern Gal Designs video as I was trying to slog through and at one point she says "sometimes ya gotta just work through the ugly". That's my new favorite quote 😉

The Travelling Tangles Project:
My finishes... this pile of fun
from Elaine Sampson
Travelling all the way from the UK

My finishes... these gorgeous starters by Sue Olsen

My finishes... these starters by Cathy Cusson

I posted a few pictures on the Travelling Tangles FB page of the new journal I started and got a lot of comments and questions about my process so I'm sharing a few process pics.
A little background...I've been involved with the TT Project for close to 2 years now and filled up two very lovely, traditional, and large scrapbooks with my results. They live in my hall closet and I rarely look at them;-( I needed a new format.
Recently, I discovered the whole mixed media rabbit hole (from my addiction to YouTube) as I pondered a way to use up years of collected papers, paints, cards, maps, brochures and postcards from my travels, not to mention all of the research and inspiration I had archived over my years as a student in pursuit of degrees in Theatrical Costume Design and as a working Costume Designer for over 20 years. My own rule is only to purchase mediums and tools I can re-use like stamps and stencils.
I've included links to some of my favorite YouTube channels at the end of this post.

Here's a look at a few TTMMJJ pages in progress:

not sure if this is a finished page or not...

The bare bones
starts with 8 1/2" x 11" papers
some are dyed with coffee and stained with coffee rings
some of the larger envelopes with the  flaps still in tact
 are glued to the edge of the cardstock pages
and made to flip out

maps and brochures cut down to 8 1/2" x 11"

miscellaneous bits of card stock, 
note cards and envelopes
are stenciled and/or stamped,
the envelopes are colored with art tissue
Once I get a good amount of  "Arting" done then
I'll go through and start deciding which tiles will go where

I created 4 signatures consisting 
of about 4-6 pages 
with a couple of happy mail note cards and smaller bits in between. 
Each signature is sewn using heavy duty carpet/buttonhole thread into 3 holes.

Re-using art tissue
This is still wet and will be lifted off

I love the muted colors I get from each use
Finally when I've coaxed out every last bit of color, I'll glue the pieces down to another piece of something or other to get some texture going

decorating the envelopes
stencils, stamps (a couple of handmades)
 and drawing on top of the colored envelopes

I hope this was helpful to those who had inquired and of interest to those who didn't. Please leave me any questions or comments. Here are the links to some of my favorite channels. Welcome to my addiction.

Junk Journals:

ArtyMaze: this is the start of her junk journal. She has 7 subsequent tutorials on how she's filling it.
LorrieMarie: she does some amazing journals and altered books. This video shows how she does the pamphet books which is sort of the technique I'm using. I don't do all of the machine stitching she does but I like how she assembles these.


MaremiSmallArt: this is where it all began for me. She's delightful!
SouthernGalsDesigns: she cracks me up!
MimiBondi: I love her abstracts and her colors are so much fun.


Nik the Booksmith: this video is the first in her series of making a junk journal
SeaLemon: This video is how I make all of my DIY journals and how I'll probably end up binding this one together. She has several videos on different ways to bind books.

I had a little visit with Aimee yesterday 🐾😻❤

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Duo-Challenge and some Travelling Tangles Adventures

Joey's Weekly Challenge #222/ It's a String Thing #249
featuring Maryhill, Diva Dance Rock and Roll and Abeko

This weeks Duo-Challenge marks the end of the Joey/IAST combos as Joey has sadly announced that she's hanging up her challenge hat. I just want to give a huge shout-out to Joey, Laura and Adele for all of the challenge inspiration they've managed to put together week after week. I can't begin to imagine the work that goes into all of it and I'm so thankful for what they have meant to me and my art. So, many thanks to you Joey. You will be missed.
I had a lot of fun with the Duo-challenge. I love Maryhill! Those repetitive lines are so zen to draw. I drew the whole thing before I even knew what the IAST challenge was going to be. As I was working through the IAST portion yesterday I saw that Lily Moon had just posted a gorgeous gallery of her month in art and as always I'm mesmerized by her work. One of her pieces featured black Pokeleaf.  Pokeleaf is one of my Mac 'n Cheese patterns and I've never done it in I had to give it a go. I love it! Thanks Lily!
The Diva is on a much needed hiatus right now, so I'm thinking about ways to keep up with my own tangling practice and stay connected.
I always have the Travelling Tangles...

My finishes... this fun bundle of starts from Saf Patel
travelling all the way from the UK;-)

My finishes... these super cool starts from Lin Laidler

I'm always happily overwhelmed by the generosity of my Travelling Tangles peeps and the abundance of happy mail I receive from each one.

My collection as of last week
This pile is only from the past two months

I finally got started on my Travelling Tangles Mixed-Media Junk Journal or the TTMMJJ as it shall be known from here on out. Ohmigosh!This is so much fun and a complete time-drain;-)

I've started with a couple of sets of hand-sewn signatures comprising of a mish-mash of textured cardstock, maps, ledger paper dyed with coffee and stamped with coffee rings, hotel stationary, old Christmas card envelopes that I've painted and stamped and stenciled...well...junk!

This is the above page with the envelope flipped out. All of the cards, notes and envelopes are collaged or sewn into the signatures. Ultimately, I'll attach the signatures and bind them into a book.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Two Duo Challenges and other artsy endeavors

It's a String Thing #248

I've got both this and last weeks duo challenges here. Last week was a total bust creatively as well as mentally. I was dog sitting for some friends who have a 1 year old labradoodle. This was uncharted territory for me. I sat for their older dogs for years, but they eventually passed on and because I had Aimee, I hadn't done any dog sitting for them in well over a year. Aimee has gone back to live with my sister. I miss her like crazy but I know she's happy and she's back with the family she's known since she was a baby. I'll bet she misses the peace and quiet though;-)
Anyhoo, the dog was a maniac and the week had me so stressed out not being at home and off my routine. Drawing just did not happen. Things are back to normal. For now.

Duo Challenge
Joey's Weekly Challenge #220
It's a String Thing #247

Multi Media Art Journal
in an altered book

I'm still plonking my way through the mixed media journaling thing. I have a lot of fun with the backgrounds but I get so stuck trying to finish them. This one sat for weeks with the Klimt image and the dried flowers until I finally finished it this morning. Yay!

Travelling Tangles completed this past week:

My finishes... these starts from Barb Mavraganis

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Duo-challenge and my Travelling Tangles Journey continues

Joey #219 and IAST #246
featuring: Pokeroot & String Grid
additionally Pokeleaf and Miff

This was a fun one!  Like Joey, I'm not a fan of Pokeroot, yet I love Pokeleaf. Go figure;-) I started a little cluster giving myself the option to extend it out later. Or not.
I had actually started noodling around with Helen Williams' "String Grid" when I saw Adele's String Challenge on Tuesday night. Helen makes it look so easy. I'm not gonna lie. I drew it in pencil first. I did some erasing too. I'm a rebel like that and I'm very happy with the results.
I had extended some of the curling lines into the Joey space, not knowing then what I'd do with them until I saw Jem's (aka The Ragged Ray) post introducing her new pattern "Miff". Perfect.

Travelling Tangles completed this week:

My finishes... these super cute starters from Leitha Hunt
that bird is my favorite thing ever!

My finishes... these sweet starters by Margaret Blank

from my DIY watercolor sketchbook
inspired by this YouTube video from CreationsCeecee 

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Weekly Challenges and Travelling Tangles

"Puf" Monotangle

Another for the DIY journal. I do like this pattern a lot, but I never use it and my creativity was eluding me in ways to vary it. I saw a version of this string idea somewhere in one of my Facebook groups and that was that.

Duo-challenge Joey #218 & IAST#245
featuring: Dicso, Strircles, Tattle and C-bun

 Adele celebrates National Donut Day with her donut string. This was a tricky one and as usual I had a few of those moments where I was ready to chuck the whole she-bang, but I pushed through. I really liked the Dicso part and my favorite part is the C-bun donut, everything after that was a bit of a slog;-) but I liked the way it turned out in the end. These are progressing into a really nice pattern reference.

I'm moving right along with the Travelling Tangles I've received over the last month. I've been quite inspired and out of the 11 swaps I initiated, I've received 8 and finished 7;-) I now have to start thinking about how I'm going to archive all of these. I want to do some kind of multi media journal so I can include all of the cards and envelopes. Stay tuned;-)

My finishes.. these starters from Linda Brown Levin

My finish... another of Linda's starters

My finishes... these starters by Jill Clements

I love this toothy little calf
another Cheese Camp baby

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