Saturday, March 28, 2020

Project Share: Rippie Landscapes

For a while now, I've been following Tammy Brackett's You Tube channel. She's a paper/mixed media/junk journal artist. She makes little scrap-busting collages with small decorative paper trimmings she calls "Chippies" and I always enjoy crafting along while watching her.
A couple of days ago I came across a little box of circles I had hand cut ages ago. They were multiple sizes, cut out of art gallery postcards I had collected during a trip to Santa Fe almost 20 years ago. My original intention was to stack them as part of a mixed media collage in my art journal, making them into abstract flowers.
As I was tearing through my paper scraps I dubbed my take on the Chippies as "Rippies". I'm also happy that I found a productive use for the mulberry paper scrap grab bags that I buy every time I go to Blick. Even though I hadn't used the previous bag, I buy another.

Machine crazy-stitched
I love these so much!

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Journal for Wendy

I initiated a swap with a lovely lady who is in a couple of my arty Facebook groups and happily she accepted. I've been wanting to get ahold of other artists journals but just don't have the bandwidth to do it. 
I had a small stash of naked journals from an OCD journal making binge I went on last year after a swap challenge issued in one of my Facebook groups. I had decided to try deconstructing a hardback book and had so much fun with it, I pulled out a pile of books and made 6 more.

This was really fun to decorate and it took a really long time.
A beaded spine tassel which includes hand made paper beads.
Inside the front cover. The butterfly is a copy of my original illustration
The pages are a mash-up of scrapbook paper, faux gelli print papers, book pages, coffee dyed paper, magazine pages and random papers I picked up at my local S.C.R.A.P. (creative re-use center)
Every Fall there's an Open Art Studio event where artists open their studios to the public and there's a hefty free guide printed with hundreds of thumbnails of art that one can pick up at art stores and cafes. I make collages with them.

I just love this cover so much.

Monday, March 2, 2020

101 Journals Project: "Embrace"

Another decorated journal from my 101 Journals Project. Omigosh!...the decorating seems endless. I do enjoy it though. I've really tried to refrain from making any new ephemera unless I get myself caught up in a bit of scrap-busting. I just enjoy making collages.
The main objective is to use projects I've already made.
The decoration in these journals is a mash-up of all of my ephemera making experiments.

Little collages...
Tammy inspired "Chippies" which are essentially little scrap collages.

Cheese stickers that I've painted and stenciled. I work in a cheese shop so I have sheets of these that I have faux gelli printed

I added an eyelet-ribbon closure.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Project Share: Friendship Journal Challenge

 This is one of three journal pages I created to send off to a couple of You Tube creators who are doing give-aways to celebrate subscriber milestones. I made one to keep for myself.
 The creators have asked for submissions of one journal page that they will subsequently assemble into a Friendship Journal.
 The receipt of the page will enter me into a drawing for a journal made by the artist.
 I've done this sort of thing once before when Andrea at Artymaze did a similar giveaway last year.
I had made some paper awhile back with dried and pressed hydrangea petals and tea. All of the inserts were from my stash except the belly band.
Three of these took forever to make but this kind of challenge always inspires me to up my game.

Monday, February 10, 2020

101 Journals Project: Decorating "The Way of Grace"

This is a 6 x 6 inch journal made from a Trader Joe's Shu Mai box, painted white then decoupaged with a decorative napkin.

These journals are "Anything Goes" or "Stash-Mash-ups".
Over the last 2+ years I've been at this junk journaling thing, I've amassed an extensive amount of hand made ephemera fueled by my daily YouTube tutorial binging including a lot of unfinished pieces.
My decorating scheme is bust through that stash. However, after a 4 month hiatus from the craft stores, I went on a little spree last week and bought a couple of flower punches. I love them! I made several more bits to stick in the journals.
I've had this Daiso yellow craft paper forever.
Daiso origami paper
Coffee dyed envelope pockets.
This is a page from National Geographic. It's something under a microscope.

Lots of little collages...
Decoupaged napkins...
I use a lot of museum quarterly brochures and Edible magazine pages because I like the matte surfaces , the paper  weight and the images. The text is great to paint or collage over.

I love making little collages
Although the cover may suggest this is a garden themed journal, it clearly is not.