Monday, November 23, 2020

Coffee. That is all...oh! and Sunshine


This was a new thing for me...creating a theme around a Michael’s paper pad. I’ve always had a weird resistance to scrapbook paper pads because I just never know how to use them.  Back in the day, when going to the craft store was relatively easy and the coupons, bargains and sales were plentiful, I would snag a paper pack or two if something caught my eye. I get them home and think “Now what?” And into the drawer they went.

This coffee themed pad with its watercolor style was cute and being Coffee & Creativity, I thought “well let’s just see if I can manipulate this one dimensional, commercial scrapbook paper into something a bit more...creative. Someone said on YouTube that the scrapbook paper industry has not caught up with the junk journal community. 

Much collaging happens...

Gelli printed papers cut into shapes and stacked.

Scrapbook paper coffee dyed and stenciled...

I had started this book last year or early this year since I haven't been to Michael's since January. I hit a wall with it and only just finished it so I could give to my niece last week. We met up for lunch so I could meet my sweet baby great nephew.

Friday, November 20, 2020

The Clean up Journal


I've been having a play with fabrics and fibers lately inspired by textile artist Anne Brook (via Rachel at Roxy Creations). I tried my hand at slow stitching which is sort of a hybrid of embroidery, hand stitching and quilting but more free-style as you can layer up fabrics and laces and trims and buttons...

The pieces of fiber are my clean up baby wipes.

My other latest obsession are the Willa journals created by Wendy Solganik on her Instagram willa.wanders. I signed up for her workshop that starts in January and couldn't be more excited about that.
Gelli prints...
Roll off from cleaning my brayer during a gelli print sesh...
The interior is my attempt at a Willa sewing on some tabs here and there...
More clean up paper with some watercolor doodling...
Clean up paper with some additional mark making for contrast.

Some traditional papers thrown in here and there to break things up.

The journal measures 6 x 6 with 2 signatures and probably about 20 sheets per signature.

I love this book.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Super Cute Project For a New Baby

 Last month our family welcomed a sweet baby boy to whom I am one of several great aunts.

My niece asked if I would create some artwork for his room. "I'm open to anything, just not too baby-ish" was her very practical request for as we all know that it won't be long before the room will become that of a little boy then a big boy. She gave me the color scheme of the decor and off I went.

I tend more toward the abstract in my art these days so this type of art lurks at the edge of my wheel house.

These are 5 x 7 watercolors with a little colored pencil for definition.

These started out as illustrations I did for the baby journal.

Which then became fun little collages.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Journals to the People: Bloom

Another repurposed Readers Digest book. The collaged cover is a new thing for me. I had received the rose image in a swap and it immediately went on the cover.

Strip of tea towel binding
A little poetry for the back

The interior is pretty similar to the Tea and Roses journal I posted last week
Collaged and dyed notebook paper tri-fold.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Journals to the People: Gift Bag Santa (Holiday #5)

This journal was a lot of fun to fumble my way through though it did vex me at the start just trying to manipulate the bag...well the image on the bag... into a manageable book.

This became a stash buster/ glue book. I used up a bunch of scrapbook paper odds and ends...
...and used up the remains of my Christmas bits.

For a Christmas curmudgeon this turned out pretty cute I think.