Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Chasing Down My Diva Groove...

Diva Challenge #367
There was quite a lot of art going on last week, but not much in the way of Zentangle. I got the the N'zeppel challenge done but the Duo-Challenge was another bust. I did dust off the old DIY journal to get back into my Diva groove. There are still a good bunch of pages to be arted but I'm about to start on creating a new one.
I'm pondering what theme, if any, I want to pursue for Inktober and I've been getting my fountain pens cleaned and inked up.
Back in my DIY/Trainwreck journal

Straight Lines

I love this challenge. I've actually done several straight line pieces since Monday. This was the first one I finished. Soooooo very Zen.

Zendala Monday

I started this last week and only just finished it. I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest.

"Wishy Washi"
for the FB Group Anything Goes: Tangled Art for Everyone

This is an ATC I had from an old watercolor batch. The prompt was to use washi tape on your tile and I had this little piece that I'd received in a swap.
Painted stickers for my art journals and swaps

I spent a lot of time making bits and pieces for my next Flow-ish Journal swap for this FB group I've been quite obsessed with. Basically we swap stuff from our stash of art journaling papers and ephemera. I do a lot of handmade stuff.

Acrylic and plastic wrap on junk paper and packaging

I've been watching a lot of videos from Cat Hand. She has a series called Mixed Media Morsels where she demonstrates various techniques in a small format so you can have these little morsels of inspiration when you want to create larger art. I made a several of the plastic wrap treated bits on random pieces of junk mail and packaging that I'll turn into tags and ATC's for future journals and swaps.

Eco-Printed papers

I did another batch of Eco-printing on a wide assortment of papers and envelopes.  I'm thinking of making these into signatures for an Inktober sketchbook focusing on botanical illustration.
Diva Challenge part 2
more straight lines

I finished this one over my morning coffee today while binge watching YouTube videos at the cafe;-) I was in my happy place.

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Friday, September 7, 2018

Diva Challenge #365 and other stuff

Back to Basics

The Diva is back after her Summer hiatus and boy, was I ready for this. Simple. Back to Basics? Uhmnnn...well, it started off that way­čśŤ
I did this in my mixed media sketchbook, using a 4" coaster as my template. I got the string from Adele's IAST challenge this week and didn't really intend to bring the string out of the box like I did, nor did I intend to fill in each section but that's just the way I roll.

Throwback Square One: "Cuke"
additionally: "PeelD"
It's a String Thing Challenge #258
featuring: "Antidots", "Apacore" and "Afterglo"
in an A string in honor of Aretha Franklin

This was a fun one, though quite time consuming. I randomly chose a throwback Square One challenge this week and was quite inspired by this weeks featured pattern "PeelD". I love how this one came out.

Zendala Monday
This week was a pre-strung Zendala (I've been alternating each week). Awhile back, Jem (The Ragged Ray) and I had a comment convo regarding the limitations of the pre-strung Zendala and my aversion to sustaining symmetry within those boundaries. She had posted a pic of how she'd colored over a pre-strung zendala that left only a suggestion of the string. I jumped on that train as soon as the opportunity presented itself. You can barely see the string that I started with below. I liked the elegant S curves, but not so much the resolve around the border. I went with a Yin/Yang idea: dark vs light, structured vs organic.

I'm way behind on my Travelling Tangles:

my finish... this start by Connie Kennekens
traveling all the way from The Netherlands

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Friday, August 31, 2018

My Week in Art

Throwback Diva #1: Simplicity
It's a String Thing #257: "Twilight"

To me, simplicity means back to basics with the Z string and my good ol' Mac 'n Cheese patterns.
I was intrigued by "Twilight", Adele's choice for IAST #257. I knew, as I was working through this, I would need contrast. All of the line work was down and I started with Twilight and then balance with blacked out Mooka. I don't think I've ever done that before. I like it.
One of my on going challenges with these Duo-Challenges is shading. Graphite make such a mess in the sketchbook.  When I started this, I had an idea to use my Staedtler Triplus Fineliner and go back with a water brush and blend out some shading. I took a break from the drawing for a day and then when I went back I forgot my plan and started in with the Tombow grey markers. I used a water brush to blend out the markers and realized I'd used a couple of different pens that bled two different shades of grey. Oh well..

Zendala Monday
love me some black Pokeleaf

I used a black Prismacolor pencil to shade this. It's more evident in person.

August Challenge
 Mixed Media Sketchbook

I recently joined a new mixed media art journal group. Each month one of several artists will create a  prompt list to guide you though all of the steps to complete a journal page. I found this to be the answer to my ever growing pages of stalled starts. I'm great at starting and getting some cool backgrounds going and perhaps a layer or two of stamping and stenciling but then I hit a wall. I love the way this turned out...even though I missed a word:-P

Travelling Tangles:
My finish... this ATC started by Joey van Oort

Another finish... Joey's start

Eco-printed papers

I wanted to experiment with Eco-printing on a variety of different papers and envelopes for potential use in my junk journals. I'm also thinking about Inktober and the possibility of doing a month of botanical illustration on some of these papers. This was fun.
Flow-ish Journal for a swap

I gutted an old Yoga instruction book and covered it with my used paint clean up baby wipes. I stitched several together, then painted and stamped circles all over it using a set of curlers.
This was a "No Theme" swap.

I made a decorative paper clip using an image of a Victorian corset I'd cut out of a museum fashion book. Under the clip are several cheese stickers I painted and stenciled.

I included a lot of costume/fashion stuff and museum postcards.

Lastly, I wanted to share this super cool prize I won in last weeks "Freebie Friday Giveaway" at the Facebook Group "Anything Goes-Tangled Art For Everyone". This was so exciting because not only is it such a great gift but it's also the first time I've ever won a giveaway­čśü

13 Shades of Grey Tutorial by Sonya Yencer

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Duo-Challenge and other Artsy Stuff

Duo-Challenge featuring Square One Purely Zentangle
pattern focus: Nik
additionally: Undu
Tangle All Around
patterns: Coraline, Auraknot & Archer
Alice Hendons string

This is what I started last week. I knew time was going to be limited so I didn't wait for the IAST challenge. I had randomly picked a Square One's "Nik" and instead I used Alice Hendon's prompts for the week from her Facebook group Tangle All Around. Whilst scrolling through Square One, Undo was the current focus and I thought it would work nicely with "Nik". It wasn't quite the result I was hoping for but I finished it nonetheless and finished is always good.

Zendala Monday
It's a String Thing #256
featuring: "Mazorito", "Hexa" and "Horti"

I had already chosen the pre-strung Zendala below when IAST appeared. I was thrilled to see patterns all created by my tangle pal, Ria Matheussen. Adele's "string" was just to use a circle. I did a little pattern study as all of these were new to me and knew that some how, some way I could manipulate them into this string. I used the inside of one of my Travelling Tangles happy mail note cards as it will go into my TTMMJJ and I knew that I wanted to archive these patterns for future use.

Travelling Tangles completed this week:

My finish... this fun start by Margaret Blank
she'd stenciled over Brusho inks

My finish... another of Margaret's starts

Margaret was amazingly generous with several fun background starters, as were so many others. I had to re-adjust my completion strategy. I always finish my starts in the order that I receive them, randomly picking one to start and so on. I operate under the "You can't wait for inspiration, you must chase after it with a stick!" philosophy rather than pick and choose what speaks to me. I used to complete everything in the packet before moving on to the next, but now I'm going to shoot for getting two done and then saving a little hoard for the lean times. I don't want my prompt swap mates waiting too long to see the results of our collaboration. That's just how I roll;-)

 My finish... this Renaissance tile start by Kim Yodisborg

Here are a couple of spreads in my altered book mixed media journal. I tasked myself with using all of the new supplies I bought last week:

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Friday, August 17, 2018

The Week in Art...

My finish... this fun start by Karen Karstadt

My finish... this start on a coaster by Karen Karstadt
though it dried out my well-used brush pen, I liked the streaky effect and kept going

Oh my...where did the week go? My work schedule was all topsy-turvy this week while I was training our newest cheesemonger. I'm such a creature of habit, drawing in the morning, art journaling in the evening. Mornings were pretty much shot. I started the Duo-challenge but never got beyond setting up the first half. I picked the pre-strung Zendala I'd planned to use but never put pen to it.
These Travelling Tangles were done earlier in the week.
Where I tangle...

Heidi Whitney had sent me the start of a tangle journal page that I have slowly been filling up. I use it for inspiration as I try to dial back the YouTube addiction. "Less time viewing, more time doing".

Here are a few more pages in my TTMMJJ:

I've started to include some of my favorite swaps from other groups as I strive to make this my go-to reference journal for starting and completing future Travelling Tangles swaps.
Some deconstructed, arted envelope bits find a home here

Here are a few pictures of the Flow-ish Junk Journal I received in last month's Grocery swap for the FB group Flow-ish and Trashy Junk Journals 
A Flow-ish journal is a working journal of inspirational bits. It's purpose is to be deconstructed to use in your own journaling., My partner Nikki lives in Olympia Washington and sent me a lot of local ephemera. I've already formed a couple of signatures and started some art journaling with it.
This bag she'd attached to the cover was full of fun bits

I love this illustrated page from her local Edible Magazine
I'd sent her some pages from my SF edition;-)
More fun illustration and a bit of wallpaper
more fun bits and pieces

Lastly I wanted to share a little art supply haul I got on Tuesday. The nearest Michael's/Joann's is an hour bus ride (two 30 minute buses) so I rarely do this. My big discovery was a new store called Tuesday Morning. It's a discount home goods store with a crafting aisle that is quite a hodge podge of crazy cheap stuff. The stamp pads and the tornado stencil were $1.99. I ventured into the world of decorative scrap book paper only because I loved that Masquerade theme book and colors. I'd actually picked up several others but then put them back because I have no idea what I'd do with them and my goal is to use what I've already got.

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