Friday, November 16, 2018

Diva Challenge #376 and other stuff...

String Theory
in the Trainwreck Journal

This is the plan
I just haven't gotten there yet

made a new Trainwreck

already makin' a mess;-)

Happy Mail:

Joey Van Oort sent me this great package of Italian Renaissance illustration,
 mostly from calendars
I used one to cover my Trainwreck Journal 
I love the giant whale stamp on the envelope
Thank you Joey!

A Flow-ish Journal I received from a swap partner

It's a collection of decorative papers, images and ephemera
 one uses in the creation of Mixed Media/Art/Junk Journals
it's a great way to diversify your stash without adding to it

nothing is permanently bound or attached 
so the recipient can remove items to use in other art
it's a stash swap;-)

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Diva Challenge #375 & My Week in Art...

Use My Tangle: "Burtz" by Fabienne Blumberg
I saw this version of a simplified "Mooka"
on Jem Millers blog The Ragged Ray

The Trainwreck Art Journal
loved the streaky nature of this page 

I'm in the process of making a couple of art journals including another Trainwreck journal and I finished this for a swap:

For Trashy and Flowish Junk Journals FB group Signature Swap

This signature consists of two 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages, folded in half to create 8 pages decorated using purple, orange, black and white as the color parameters.

Pockets stuffed with tags, postcards and other bits of paper ephemera

There was no theme but I had the last bits of some fun, masquerade, decorative papers and an eclectic assortment of costume history/decorative art images.

a handmade envelope paper clipped onto the back page...

...filled with little bits of ephemera,
 hand painted stickers
 and a washi tape sampler on a library swipe card

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Diva Challenges and other artsy stuff...

"Splotch- tastic"
Inktober Day 30
The Botanical Series

This couldn't have been a more perfect challenge for the Trainwreck Sketchbook, which is to say not a challenge at all since splotchy messes are what it's all about πŸ˜‰
I've been seriously off my Inktober game this week but managed some doodly bits here and there.

The splotchy pages

Non- dominant hand

I did this early last week and though I always react to this challenge with an audible groan, I always have fun with it. I looked to the Inktober prompts as the jumping off point. Narwhal seemed like a safe bet seeing as the wonky factor might work in my favor. The rest just appeared where it wanted πŸ˜‰

Inktober Botanical Series
Days 27, 28 & 29

I've been noodling around on this for several days from a page actually started months ago, but as a whole, my Inktober botanicals fell by the wayside. I, once again, fell down the art/junk journal rabbit-hole, finishing off the latest Flowish Journal for a swap going in the mail today for another FB group Trashy and Flowish Junk Journals.
This Flowish Journal is a collection of junk journal fodder assembled from my stash of images, papers, postcards, stickers, notecards etc. accumulated from over 20+ years as a theatrical costume designer and student and my current occupation as a Cheesemonger in a small specialty food market.

I collaged a file folder with tea bags, tea tags and tea bag packets. Junk.

Decorative napkins fun for collage
and color copies of my original butterfly drawings

there's a hand painted envelope made from a magazine page

I have a lot of lovely costume history images

Museum postcards

hand made tags and journaling cards
 and playing cards I got during a trip to France

spraying coffee through stencils
The small photograph in the corner is a hidden paper clip

And lastly, a few things from what has become my most favorite journal ever. It was instigated by a challenge at the Facebook group Trashy Smashy Funky Junky Journals last month. I just finished this one, well, that is to say that there's paint, images and words on all of the pages. I could noodle around in this for ages.

Junk Mail Journal
made from one week's worth of junk mail πŸ˜‰

Grocery store advertising covered with painty calligraphy paper...

...and envelopes  painted, stamped and stenciled...

...then decorated with images from an open art studio directory I picked up at the library 
and words from several free publications available at my neighborhood cafe...

...adding more stamping, doodles, framing and shading.

 My favorite play space to experiment and have fun!

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Diva Challenge #372 and other artsy endeavors

Diva Challenge #372
Inktober Day 18

The raw page

I did a bit of a Zentangle Inktober mash-up in the Trainwreck Journal this week. I've been watching The Diva's Inktober YouTube videos and they always inspire me because they're so quick and simple. She uses her dip pen and gorgeous selection of inks. I've been using my fountain pen for these last pages in my journal and true to form, I over-complicate by trying to cover a whole page with as many tangles as I could fitπŸ˜‰

The Inktober botanicals continue, though I got really behind, I'm just about caught up.

Inktober Day 16
New ink!

Doodles on a napkin. When I'm watching YouTube videos at the cafe, this is what I do. Then I collage them in my mixed media/junk journals.

I'm still not finished drawing this Nigella that I started for Day 13. It  was sooo cool but it almost did me in.

Inktober Day 11

Inktober Day 12
This is was an Eco-printed triangle sent to me by Annemarie Huijts with a Travelling Tangles swap

Inktober Day 13
a work in progress

Inktober Day 14

Inktober Day 15

Inktober Day 16

Got a few Travelling Tangles done:

These all came from Melody Hampshire
I was experimenting with Inktense pencils.

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