Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Diva Challenge #308, Made by Joey #157 and Other Artsy Stuff..

Mac 'n Cheese

I was so ready for a challenge like this. With so many new patterns being introduced daily, it can be overwhelming and I can get a little ADD searching for that next great pattern only to find myself being more anxious and less productive. 
Last week Zentangle HQ blogpost's topic was Revisiting a Basic Comfort and concluded with the question "What are your Mac & Cheese tangles? and why?"
I commented " Mooka and Sandswirl followed very closely by Crescent Moon" I neglected to add Tipple which I use in almost everything I create. I also neglected to add Why?
I can't draw a straight line to save my life. I loves curves and auras. I love the freedom of Mooka. It was the most difficult pattern for me to grasp initially until I made a little tweak to it by finishing each cluster to one point.  Auras are such an easy and satisfying enhancement. I could draw Sandswirl all day long.
This week's Diva Challenge continued on that theme. I had some time with my morning coffee and enjoyed creating my Mac 'n Cheese tile. Basic. Simple. Zen-ful;-)

Finish My Tile Alphabet Series: L
featuring: Lee Lee
additionally: Lollywimple and Landgirlz

This is a Bijou (2" tile) series I'm working on as headers for my pattern library binder. It's funny though because I haven't added much to the binder over the last 2 or 3 months. There are so many times I stop myself and think "How many patterns do I really need?"
These next 2 pictures are ATC's I made for some Travelling Tangles swaps I'm preparing to send out. I created these last week, though they didn't intentionally reflect HQ's blogpost, they must have been influenced by it because they are clearly my comfort zone. I remember thinking that each person who receives one of these is seeing something new to them, so why do I feel I have to reinvent the wheel with each ATC if I enjoy drawing these:

on watercolor ATC's

on tissue paper tinted ATC's

Here's an incoming Travelling Tangle tile:

This is my finish to the tile below sent to me by Mary Dewick in the UK

I was still in Zingo mode and had admired Simone Menzel's tile submitted for the Diva Challenge. I pretty much just copied her technique;-)

On Eni Oken's Facebook Group Shading Zentangle, there was a focus on Echolines. I created several tissue paper tinted tiles using a torn edge technique inspired by this post on Laurel Regan's Alphabet Salad blog. I went a little nuts. It appears Echolines is my newest Mac 'n Cheese pattern. I used a dip pen on these hence some unsightly blobs;-)

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Diva Challenge #307, Made by Joey Challenge #156, IAST Challenge#188


This weeks Diva challenge was inspired by the latest and most delightful video in the Kitchen Table Tangles series from Zentangle HQ. This one features Indy and Mazzy, Molly's young daughters. They are super cute as they masterfully demonstrate their tangle "Zingo" (I think it's their tangle). 

Finish My Tile Alphabet Series: K
featuring: "Kiss"
additionally: K-leesi, Kandy Ribnz, Khirkee and Kizzmet

This is the latest in my Bijou series as I work my way through headers for my pattern library binder. I've adapted Joey's strings/starters to feature her selected pattern within the confines of my letter font using black ink to define that part of it, then using however many additional patterns I can include within the remaining parts of the "string" using brown ink. 

Adele's string
patterns: Fricle, Zinger & Fescu

This is probably the first time I've tackled the IAST challenge before the Diva and Joey. I had a couple of water color zendala rounds I'd created for a Travelling Tangles swap that I never ended up signing up for. I've had them on the back burner in the event I needed to produce something organic. It's funny though, because as I'm looking at it now, on the screen, as I type this, I'm struck with the feeling that it doesn't feel finished. Hmmmnnn....

I just found this Travelling Tangle I finished last week. I'd forgotten all about it. If I'm not mistaken, the Kitchen Table Tangles post had just appeared on my feed as I was pondering this start.

Debra Huff, from Oceanside CA, sent me this "Twinchie" (or Bijou) with just the gold metallic loop in the middle. I went on a crazed Feng Shui photo purge of my phone pics and sadly deleted the starter pic. I'm not too fond of the clumsy brush pen marker shading...but...it is what it is...my first attempt at "Zingo".

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Diva Challenge #306, Joey Challenge#155 etc....

Use My Tangle Monday
featuring: Amphora by Lily Moon

The first Monday of the month challenges us to use a pattern submitted to The Diva by one of her many fans, fellow CZT's and loyal followers.
I am (as are many) a huge fan of Lily's work. She's truly a superstar in the world of Zentangle. I'm so glad Amphora is the chosen one because I needed a reason to finally get this pattern right. I've attempted it before with disappointing results and let it go. I have a really hard time keeping wavy lines consistent, especially when they need to mirror each other. I was also frustrated because I'd get it too cramped. So, I practiced this for quite a while in my sketchbook and realized the problem I've had all along with it was drawing it too small. I had my AHA! moment, grabbed a watercolor ZIA tile I'd relegated to the slush pile and...well...there ya go;-) I still need to work on Amphora in what I call "wallpaper" mode or fill. Hopefully later in the week.

Finish My Tile Alphabet Series: J
featuring: Jellyroll
additionally: Jalousie and Jilli

This is a Bijou series I'm working through as page headers for my pattern library binder so I try to stick to Joey's parameters as best I can whilst maintaining a style consistency through out my series.

I also want to share a progression series I'm calling "The Bare Bones". I  used last week's "It's a String Thing" tile and posted the progress photos here. I'd love to hear from you if you find this sort of thing helpful and would like to see more. Many thanks to those of you who already commented on it. I know I always love seeing how others work through a tile.

Here's a Travelling Tangle I finished this week:
My finish to...

Debra Huff's starter

This was for the Year of the Rooster swap. The task was to start a tile using either rooster colors or feather like patterns. I used a dip pen and red ink to complete this. I was inspired by some work I'd seen on Eni Oken's Facebook group Shading Zentangle using Echo Lines. I love how this tile turned out.
Last week I was visiting Laurel Regan's blog, Alphabet Salad. She presented a set of beautiful note cards she'd created on watercolor paper she'd hand torn just using a metal ruler. I gave it a shot and then used tissue paper to color them.

Re-used tissue

I created this for the "Por Fin" Shading Zentangle weekly challenge
but I really don't want to shade it...yet;-)

Sketchbook WIP
Official Zentangle Patterns page

I'm trying to get all of them;-)

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

IAST Challenge #186 and The Bare Bones

String Challenge #186
Pi string featuring Pokeroot, W2 and Wacho

Adele challenges us to a piece inspired by Pi Day (3.14) with some Pie inspired patterns.
This one started off well, then took a wrong turn or two before I got it back on track. I had just made a new set of tissue paper colored tiles and found one that I thought could work with the string. I don't know why, but I started this off with a some trepidation. I'm not a fan of Pokeroot (though Pokeleaf is one of my favorite patterns) and that put me in a mood...which for some reason ignited the idea to track my process and give you The Bare Bones:

Aligning the string with the colors

The only thing I knew from the get-go was where I wanted W2
I like it big so I can decorate it

Wacho in the red corner came next...so far so good
decorated Wacho in the W2...good!
then I had the idea to try a little pattern morphing
risky move 'cuz I'm not good at it
...sigh...not going the way I'd like it to...
I think the transitions look clumsy...maybe an Aura will help (or not)
I almost chucked it at this point and put it aside

...later that day...
more auras
a little better but I'm still on the fence

shading with a Tombow paint pen
it's looking better

 a little pink colored pencil
highlights with a white Prismacolor pencil
Finishing off with deeper shading, grey Tipple in the corner
some white gel pen highlights and (satisfied sigh) Done!

I actually can't stop looking at this tile now;-) So there you go. The anatomy of my tile.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Diva Challenge#305, Joey Challenge #154 and more...

Diva Challenge #305
DuoTangle: Marasu and Molygon

This weeks challenge is to use only 2 patterns, or a Duotangle in Zen speak. A duotangle can include multiple variations of each of the two tangles but I kept this one relatively simple. I  had a couple of watercolor zendalas I'd created for this month's traveling tangle swap and then forgot to sign up.
Anyhoo...I LOVE Marasu. Molygon is one of those patterns that challenge me much in the way that Tripoli does. It starts off okay but goes off-the-rails quickly. I kept a tight leash on it here, but I'm hoping to have another go at it.

Made by Joey #154
Finish My Tile Alphabet Series: I
featuring: Icanthis
Additionally: Ilana

Continuing on with my Bijou series for these challenges.

Here's a Travelling Tangle I just finished:

My finish to this...

...inspiring start sent to me by Anne Marks in Victoria, Australia

Sketchbook study:


These were the strings I started with

I started this page quite a while ago and just finished it. I've been following along with the Facebook group Zentangle: Tangled and Journaled Too, while they work through The Zentangle Primer. I don't have the book so I just look to what the others are doing and put my spin on it. I really love the back-to-basics, but the intense study of really just a handful of patterns, elevates the exercises to something even more inspiring when you push yourself to explore these patterns in depth.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

It's a String Thing Challenge #185 and Travelling Tangles

IAST #185
Wibble, Flec and Edgar

Adele's challenge this week was to use a few ribbon patterns, including 2 new patterns by regular IAST contributors.

Here's the line work

I thought I'd include it since I actually remembered to take a picture of it;-) I decided to keep this pretty simple. I did employ Maria's technique of using a coat of clear nail polish on the background. It does deepen the color ever-so-slightly.

I finished 2 lovely starters from Kate Ahrens of the 1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More blog. Kate, thanks for taking me up on my offer to swap;-)
A while back I offered several tiles up for swap here on the blog and Kate was one of the few brave souls who took me up on the offer. Who wouldn't be thrilled to open up the mailbox and find this:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Travelling Tangles Project, check out the group Facebook page. There's some amazing stuff happening there and lurking is encouraged;-)
Kate and I arranged our exchange independently of the group. The value of exchanging art is incredible. It's a wonderful personal connection to each other and as scary as it may be, it knocks you out of your comfort zone to develop your art in ways you probably could never do on your own. Anyhoo...jus' sayin'...

My finish...

...To Kate's start

I wish the photographs could do justice to the rich intensity of Kate's backgrounds.

I went a little crazy😁

Kate's start
My finish...

...to this start by Anne Marks
traveling from Victoria, Australia

My finish...

...to this lovely start by Susanna Redaelli
traveling all the way from Milan, Italy

I finally got around to this...

...hand marbled tile from Sandy Kelly Jones

Many of my Travelling Tangle ZenPals have sent along hand colored tiles to play with. I'm hoarding a little stack of them. Sandy sent me this ages ago and I just now found it's greater purpose.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Diva Challenge #304, Made by Joey #153


More Waybop! It's a good thing I like this pattern so much. I've had a lot of fun with Waybop this week and though I could have posted any one of the other pieces I've done, I was happy to give it another go.

Finish My Tile Alphabet Series: H
featuring: Hollibaugh
additionally: Hypnotic and Hearts Divided

I'm creating a Bijou series with Joey's challenges. These are headers for my pattern library so I'm adapting her strings/starts by using the featured pattern as part of the letter in black and then using additional patterns in the background in brown. I could not not Hollibaugh the H;-)

I finished a couple of Travelling Tangles this week:

Anne Marks sent me this super cool watercolor start all the way from Australia

After a lengthy stare-down...my finish

This was a challenge because I don't have many colored pens. Anne's line work was done with a fine pink pen ( I'm guessing a .005, maybe a .01 Micron?). I decided to use a dip pen and red ink and just let-er-rip. After penciling in a string that followed the watercolor marks, I honestly did not know what each next stroke was going to be. After a little initial anxiety, I have to say this was one of the most fun pieces I've worked on because everything from the colors to the artwork was quite out of my comfort zone.

Heidi Whitney sent me this

My finish

This one challenged me because the paper is much darker than either photo implies, thus there was very little contrast between the paper and the line work. Maybe it's my old eyes but I could not see what I  was doing. I started by going in deep and dark. I love Niuroda so I kept going with it. I'm really pleased with how this evolved. Waaaay out of my comfort zone, but that's where the magic happens;-)

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