Friday, January 9, 2015

"That's New to Me" ~The First Challenge

Challenge #1-T tangles
I chose:
Tropicana, Tripoli, Telis & Tortuca

This begins a new tangling journey and what fun it is! "That's New to Me" is the new weekly challenge put forth by Suzy Mosh Creations. The objective is to try something new given the perameters of each challenge. I got a little ambitious here by trying not just one but 4 new patterns. 
Tropicana was a great discovery. I already had Telis and Tripoli stepped out in my pattern journal but I've never used either in a finished piece. I love using swirls and spirals as fill ins but I've never used them in a grid pattern before (Tortuca).


  1. Wow! Terrific tile! Thank you for taking part in the challenge!

    1. Thank you Suzy! and thank you for creating this. It's so inspiring.

  2. Wonderful tile. I really like the flow of the patterns across the tile.

  3. oh i love's one of my favorites. This is a lovely tile. Reminds me of a train trestle running across a riverbed packed with vegetation. Very nice.