Thursday, July 28, 2016

Diva Challenge #277, Made by Joey #123...and other tangle-y stuff

5 1/2" x 8 1/2" sketchbook zia

I started this several weeks ago on one of the drippy watercolor pages I'd created before my 4th of July weekend holiday. I was experimenting with a new red ink and dip pen. The coffee rings came about a third of the way in, as I was setting up ATC's for the last few Joey Circle String Challenges. I tangled a little more within the coffee rings and off and on for about 2 weeks because this one has really been my go-to relaxation piece. Laura hit the nail on the head about how soothing circles are to draw. I'm using most of my mac 'n cheese circle-y, swirly patterns...

pattern: Pearly

...and yaaayyy....more circles! I naturally wanted to follow the string line with Pearly. After laying that down, I pondered the next move. I added a little drop shadow and pearly highlights and pondered some more. Then, some more. I decided to leave it as it is.
Diane and Carolien's Weekly Alphabet Challenge
#67 Q-O-K
Quib, Ocee, Organic, Kiasom

Works-in-Progress for the Travelling Tangles Project

This latest batch of happy mail arrived over the weekend. I haven't had a chance to work on them yet but I wanted to show the lovely card that was sent to me by Ria Matheussen who reached out to me to do an independent Travelling Tangle. She did a beautiful abstract watercolor and inserted it into a standing frame note card and sent me the watercolored Renaissance zendala to complete. Ria, thanks so much for the gorgeous art. I'll post the results of these pieces next week.
For anyone not familiar with the Travelling Tangles Project, it's a Facebook group masterminded by  Singapore CZT, Stephanie Jennifer. It's a collaborative swap where members exchange incomplete tiles, ATC's or zendalas for the other to finish. It's truly addictive, a little bit challenging and a whole lot of fun. My last several posts feature the results of my collaborations since I got hooked on this group last month.
3 ATC's I'm about to offer up for swap

What I'll do is post this pic on the Facebook page and ask if anyone wants to swap, the first 3 responders will get them and they'll agree to send me something in return. It's great because you're in control of  how many or few you want to do. Stephanie also organizes a themed monthly group swap.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

It's a String Thing Challenge #154, Diane & Carolien's Weekly #66 and more travelling...

It's a String Thing Challenge #154
Adele's looping string
Patterns: Leaflet, Cat-kin, St. Johns Cross and Zen Bud

Diane & Caroliens Weekly Alphabet Challenge #66: U-#-X
Undiala, 4 Rosie, 2S, Xplozen

Diva Challenge #276/ #2
Tangle on the Move 
on the BART train July 4, 2016

I completely forgot that I had this going in my sketchbook from my trip to San Diego over the 4th of July weekend. I'd done a few drippy watercolor pages in my sketchbook before leaving home. This is the page I worked on while on the train home from the airport...a much smoother ride than the bus!

Travelling Tangles Project completed yesterday:

This is my finish to Michele Beauchamp's gorgeous start...
...travelling all the way from Australia

This is my finish to Trish Griswold's lovely start...
...having made its way from New York

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Weekly Challenges and Travelling Tangles

Circle String series-B'twined

Tangle on the Move

Now this was a challenge indeed. The challenge is to tangle while in transit. Laura and her family have been on a road trip and she's been tangling in the passenger seat. The only travelling I'm doing this week is the bus to and from work. Not a smooth ride at all. I always carry my handmade pocket sketch book in my backpack and dug out a sharpie and gave it a shot. My bus ride is only 20 minutes and I don't always get a seat so I had one go at this then finished and shaded when I got home. I came thisclose to scrapping the whole thing about 20 times between start and finish but persevered. I kept thinking about a You Tube video I saw of a parent turning their young child's scribble into a lovely piece of art. That didn't happen:-P Not to mention that it made me nauseous so I know I won't be doing this again. 

The bus part

Speaking of travelling...
...Travelling Tangles from this past week:
This was my finish to Michele Beauchamp's elegant start
all the way from Australia

My finish to Christel Foncke's start travelling from Belgium

My finish to Debra Myers start from Virginia

...and from my beginnings:
I sent this ATC to Stephanie Jennifer in Singapore

Stephanie finished with this great dimensional "Striping" and connected the dots;-)

I sent this watercolor "Y-flip" to Ragged Ray in the UK

Here's her fun finish

I sent this modified "Groovy"  to Susan Rink Olsen in Ohio

Here's her finish

This really is the coolest thing ever!

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

String Challenge #153

It's a String Thing Challenge #153
Adele's zig-zag string (or my M string)
Crescent Moon

This challenge gave me a little bit of a thrill because it was right in my wheel house. Two of my favorite things: the zig-zag stacked string and Crescent Moon. Seriously, I could draw this every day because it's so Zen. I used a watercolor tile I created a couple of months ago, blue and rust on a piece of green parchment card stock.
I scanned it as well, but it came out so much more cool/grey than it really is. I preferred the slightly blurry photograph.

Here's the set of swap tiles I made with the same string  back in May. Easy-peasy;-)

These were the M/W string tiles I created for the Initial swap

From the archives, here's a very early tile I'd created back in January 2015. This is when I discovered Crescent Moon which has come to be one of my "Mac 'n Cheese" patterns.

Great challenge this week-not too taxing on the creative juices;-)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Few Challenges and MoreTravelling Tangles

Give Peace a Chance

Peace is the dominant topic in our challenges. In our art, in our country and in the world. I'll try to keep the chatter to a minimum as I've been pretty busy this week.
I scanned my Peace sign zendala on top of a note card I'd received from one of my Travelling Tangles peeps. The strip of washi tape felt right with this piece.

Circle String series with coffee-there's a Peace sign in there somewhere
pattern: Organic

Joey's string this week was a Peace sign too. I took a few liberties with this one.

Diane and Carolien's Weekly Alphabet Challenge
B-H-T: Beloved, Hi-C's, Target

...and my latest Travelling Tangles:

Ragged Ray sent me this lovely abstract of the Golden Gate Bridge and a beautiful hand tangled note card. The white layers of fog were a happy accident;-)
In carrying on the theme, I added some "Undling" hills and "Eureka" clouds

This amazing tile was sent to me by Susan Rink Olsen. A beauty just as it is, yet...
...more is more! well, it's a requirement in any case;-)

Timing was perfect as I was finishing up my last two tiles, this batch of happy mail was in my mailbox may recognize the handiwork of the incomparable Michele Beauchamp in my little pile of happiness. Stay tuned!
I know many of you visit by way of the Diva challenges so here's the link to my last (non-Diva) post featuring more travelling tangles including the one Shelly finished off for me.

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

It's a String Thing #152, Diane and Carolien's Weekly #64 and more Travelling Tangles

It's a String Thing Challenge #152
patterns: Lenche and Kitl

I still have several watercolor tiles and ATC's I'd set up for all of the patriotic themes that came up for last weeks challenges. Adele's challenge introduced me to two new patterns, both by regular IAST contributors. "Lenche" is by Anita Westin and "Kitl" is by Ragged Ray who also is one of my Travelling Tangles peeps. I'm sharing a collaboration below. Apologies for some of the unfortunate photography. I haven't been able to make it to the library scanner this week and my cell phone cam is very persnickety when it comes to close-up and night time photography.

Diane and Carolien's Weekly Alphabet Challenge #64 A-Y-K
Adente, Y-Flip, Kiss and Kisses

The latest addition to my pattern library. The artwork on the left is the work of Ragged Ray. She sent me this beautiful hand drawn note card along with her tiles.

Let's Swap! #4~Tangled and Journaled Too Facebook group

I just finished up the 9 ATC's for one of my groups. I'm using patterns from the groups weekly Tuesday Tangles feature where we're prompted to add a new pattern a day to our repertoire. I'm also using 4 of my Fave 5 patterns: Mooka, Tipple, Pokeleaf and Printemps . 'Nzeppel would be #5 but I didn't end up using it.

Now, on to this weeks Travelling Tangles:

I created this tile and sent it off the incomparable Michele Beauchamp...

She finished it so beautifully, didn't she?

This is a tile sent to me by Shawna Martin
I finished it with Ruutz and Leaflet

This tile was sent to me by Ragged Ray

I finished it off with Cee-a-mosa, a little Fescu and some stippling.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Birthday Weekend

Diva Challenge #274: Show your colors
Tada &  Ahh

This is Red White & Blue week! The Diva is travelling in the US and asking us to show our country colors. I've got a swap in progress with the same patriotic theme and since my birthday was the 4th of July I'm just about finished creating a series of Fireworks! ATC's. I just got back from a lovely long birthday/holiday weekend in San Diego. I  made a little art along the way.

Made by Joey #120
Coffee Ring Circle String Series
pattern: Girdy (with Tipple)

I'd left the last of my pre-coffee ringed ATC's in the hotel room on Monday morning, so I just noodled around over my morning coffee with what was handy and came back and made the real ATC later..

Joey 120 at the hotel
warming up

I'd pre-washed several pages in my sketchbook before leaving home. I spent several hours each morning over coffee in the lounge waiting for my sister to wake up...

...and finished this over the course of 3 mornings.
Diane & Caroliens Weekly Alphabet Challenge R-V-I
Ruutz, Vortex & Intwine

I got head start last week on this weeks D & C challenge. I'm creating a series of ATC's using only patterns in my reference binder. I received a very pretty hand tangled note card from Ragged Ray, one of my Travelling Tangles peeps. That's a bit of her artwork on the left. There were several lovely travellers in the mail when I got home. I'll share them soon.

4th of July at the Torrey Pines Hilton
a birthday gift from my sister (and the beach towel too)

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