Saturday, August 22, 2015

More challenges and the Diva Series

That's New to Me #33~"U"
Undling, Unyun & Raindotty (by Jane Monk) with Jilli & Diva Dance
on a watercolor ATC

I started out trying to draw Undling and Jane's Scrumble but I goofed.

It's a String Thing Challenge #107
Asian Fans, Bud & Budlite

This was yet another challenging challenge. I had a few goofs with Asian Fans even after Adele's enlightening tutorial on how to draw it. I love Adele's patterns Bud & Budlite. They were fun to draw and experiment with. I borrowed the white on black from Lily Moon.

More curves and waves from the Diva Challenge. I continued on with a series of ATC's on watercolor backgrounds. What a great challenge! I got a little OCD this week.
Diane and Carolein's Alphabet Challenge-FMT
Fescu, Flux, Mooka, Mak-ra-mee, Tracery, Tipple & Tripoli

This one sort of took on a life of it's own. It was fun.

Thank you all for stopping by! Your comments inspire me. Instead of replying to comments here as I've done in the past, I'll be thanking you by visiting your blogs and commenting there.


  1. This is a wonderful set of tiles and challenges!! My New to Me U is set to post tomorrow - yours is lovely!! :) I love your String one :) What an amazing set of Divas!! I love the pink one!! Your F-M-T is very cool!! It is wonderful that it took on a life of its own - it looks like an illustration of a book!! :) Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy


  2. So many beautiful work!! You are very busy with fabulous results! Wonderful your unique set of ATC´s!

  3. I think your Asian Fans turned out very well! ;-) Love your Diva ATC's as well, beautiful colours and curves. Your other tiles are great too, it's always nice to see your work.
    Thanks for your nice comments on my work :-)

  4. Beautiful work - all of it! I am always in awe of people that can get so very much done in a week. I should be able to....I'm retired, but find that I definitely move much slower than I was when I was working :) I especially like your Diva ATC's and the Alphabet Challenge F M T. All very nicely done!

  5. Beautiful all of them. Good goof!

  6. Wonderful work! I really like your FMT drawing.