Monday, August 24, 2015

Diva Challenge #232~Meditation

Diva Challenge #232 Audio Meditation
guest blogger Holly Atwater

I actually had no intention of doing this challenge tonight, but I was at the cafe with a couple of drawing tools and read the challenge and I was intrigued. Guest blogger Holly Atwater has a series of audio meditations we were challenged to use for this one. We had a couple of choices and I, of course, being a type A over-achiever, did them all. 
I enjoyed doing it. I was completely zen. I used my watercolor ATC's. I guess it's my thing.

Oh, and here's one more from last weeks challenge-the undulating tangles. It's a little weird that I've become sort of addicted to that dang "Kozy" considering I hated it the first time I was challenged with it.

This is a page from my sketchbook. Instead of doing all the things I should have done yesterday. I did this:

I think I need intervention.

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such delightful comments. They really make my day.


  1. Great results from your meditations, amazing when you think there was no visual clue as to what it should look like.

  2. You did a great job at the meditation tiles Michele :) you should see how my Meer came out!;) I love your sketchbook page too looks really pretty

  3. Don't get intervention - the cure is far worse than the disease! I too had a bit of a thing about Kozy and it took me a while to get it but now I find it quite fun to do.

    Your sketch book is awesome.

  4. Your Audio tiles do look zen, very pretty! Your sketchbook is looking great too. I understand you gave it priority, instead of doing 'other things' ;-)

  5. Your tiles are sooo beautiful, and the little blue color is phantastic!
    And te scetch book page is very, very nice as well. So creative!

  6. Your audio meditation tiles turned out well. I did not do 3. I could not zoom in large enough to see all your Nipa variations. There was one that even after I listened to it a second time, I was not sure about.

  7. Michele... Wonderful meditation tiles! All three are gorgeous! I loved reading that you were an overachiever and listened to all three! (I was hoping there would be some of you out there!) I am so happy that you felt that wonderful sense of relaxed focus we call zen, while you completed them. Your Kozy tile and sketchbook are lovely as well! Thanks so much for participating in the Duo Challenge!

  8. I like these tiles and the color of them.

  9. beautifull tiles especially the third because i like its contrast.

  10. I love your watercolor tiles. Do you just keep a stock of them? Often, when I sit down to tangle, I wish I had a colored tile. If I make one, it takes a day to dry, so I have to be patient! Not one of my strong points.
    I might need an intervention, too.