Monday, August 10, 2015

Diva Challenge #230 and More...

by guest blogger Erin Olson

Yesterday I was noodling around on Pinterest when I came across a video from the Diva's 100th challenge post of Laura drawing "Diva Dance". I watched it over and over because I loved the music and it all finally clicked. I rarely used Diva Dance even though I love how I've seen it done by Maria Thomas and Helen Williams and other more capable pens. I just couldn't get the rhythm of it so I never bothered.
I had also just picked up 2 new watercolor tablets at a 2 for 1 sale at Aaron Brothers. Ready with a fresh stack of watercolor ATC's and the video playing in my head, I started practicing "Diva Dance" and ended up with several versions of this:

After reading the challenge this morning and getting the template down, I stared at it for quite a while pondering all manner of patterns that might work. Zendala's aren't really in my toolbox yet and though I wanted to go for something more...uhmnnn....zendala (ish), Diva Dance was still dancing around in my head.

"A" pattern(s)~Abundies
artist focus: Karry Heun's "Landgirlz" & "Stitch"

These are all new patterns for me. I'm finding the ATC sizes to be perfect for many of the challenges. Less space to fill. This is one of the new watercolor backgrounds I made yesterday. I used a Prismacolor pencil for the shading.

"Jemz" monotangle
Watercolor ATC
Prismacolor pencil shading

I picked this watercolor ATC because it had colors that were gemtone, though it's not represented very well by my idiotphone camera. I'm not a fan of grid based patterns in a monotangle. I am a big fan of  Margaret Bremner's "Flying Birds" string though.  

Thanks so much for stopping by. Your comments make my day.


  1. Lots of beautiful ATC's today! You have inspired me! I bought some of those clear pages for my binder to display the cards in, so I'm looking forward to trying this new size and shape!
    I really like your 2 Diva tangles too!
    Thanks for sharing your work,
    ~ joey ~

  2. Beautiful artwork! Loved your interpretation of Jemz love the color too! Sarah.

  3. judging from comments elsewhere quite a lot of us agree with you about grid Monotangles, nevertheless you have managed a very interesting take on it. Love the diva dala. I thought of using diva dance, then forgot to use it. It fits perfectly.

  4. Beautiful work, Michele! Your Diva zendala is my favorite, I love the movement, contrast and shadowing of it.

  5. PS your link at the Diva's blog is not working... It's not referring to this page, thought you might want to know ;-)

  6. These are all so beautiful. I really love the dreamy character of the watercolors. I think the blues and grey are perfect with Diva Dance, and I love how you kind of N'zeppeled the dance!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh! that diva dance mandala is stunning. Perfect pattern for it! All of them are just wonderful, but the organic depth of you diva dance!

  8. Wonderful work this week! Especially I like your zendala with its lovely flow!

  9. The zendala is quite beautiful and so is the rest

  10. So much beautiful work! I especially love the Diva Dance tile. It looks like lovely roses. I also really like the"new to me" tile. I'll have to look into that.

  11. Michele, I think your Diva Dance should be on Dancing with the Stars!!! Wow! You did an awesome job, with such a complicated string!! Really, I love you Zendala!! Your other work is beautiful too!
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog! are you fairly new to the Diva's Challenges? I don't recognize your name. If you are new to her challenges, welcome aboard!! ;0)
    See you next week! :0) Annette

    1. Thank you Annette! I've been following the Diva Challenges for about a year and then started this blog last December so I could start participating.

  12. Nice work! Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge this week!

  13. Your Diva Challenge is spectacular! Well done.

  14. Yes your Diva is spectaculair and awesome and lovely and wath a great idea to use Diva Dance. Wauw!

  15. I love your not-too-busy use of Diva Dance! Well done! I also really love your TNTM #32. I find Landgirlz oh so challenging, but so cool when you get it right, as you did. I, too, chose Stitch, and yours looks wonderful. All your work on the ATCs is so nice!