Monday, June 22, 2015

Diva Challenge #223, That's New to Me #25 & Made by Joey #66


I'm back to using up some "tiles" I'd cut out of various cardstock a while back. The Diva's challenge this week is to use the old/new official Zentangle pattern, "Umble".  Within the bands of "Umble" I used a variety of patterns whose names escape me except for "Sandswirl" in the middle

"F" patterns: Frost Flower, Florez, Footlites

For this weeks TNTM Challenge I used one of the watercolor wash tiles I'd created for last week's Diva challenge, again letting the colors determine the string. I chose to use "Frost Flower", a new pattern by Karry Heun that was just published on Tangle Patterns today. I also used "Florez" by Cookie and "Footlites" by Carole Ohl.

"Cornerz" Monotangle

This weeks Made by Joey Challenge is to create a monotangle using the pattern "Cornerz". To change things up a bit, I broke out the white gel pen on a cardboard colored tile I'd cut out of some scrap cardstock I found at work.

Thank you for stopping by. Your generous comments always make my day.


  1. I love the coloring of the Umble tile and also the tangles you used.

  2. How clever of you to fit patterns onto the Umble strips. I have enough problems just getting the lines straight. Great idea to use cardboard for a different coloured tile. I must remember that idea.

  3. Great job on all three of these! I especially like the color on the TNTM tile. Thanks for being part of the challenge this week and good luck in the raffle!

  4. All your tiles are lovely, but I also did the Diva challenge with Umble, so I am very impressed with the complexity of your composition. Be it ever so Umble, it takes some planning---not so much one stroke at a time n m case ;-) I also used Sand Swirl in my Diva Challenge piece..............great minds :)

  5. I like your Umble tile very much! Great variations of this pattern :-)
    I also like the F-tile, especially Frost Flower with this colour! Looks beautiful.

  6. What lovely work! Your Umble tile is so beautiful with all the different patterns and the soft tint. Your "F" tile is really spectacular! When I first saw the step outs for Frostflower, I was somewhat underwhelmed. In your able hands, however, it has shown what depth and versatility it really has. Beautiful!

  7. I love how organic your tangles look, the white Cornerz on brown with a bit of shading is lovely!
    The colours in the second piece are beautiful as well.
    ~ joey ~

  8. Great work on all your tiles. I like the brown/sepia on the Umble tile.

  9. Wonderful tiles! Especially I like the tile with Umble!