Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Diva's Weekly Challenge #204

Here's a Boo-Kee of Roses

This weeks challenge at I am the Diva was to create a "Valentangle", a Valentine in spirit but hearts not necessarily required."Whatever tickles your fancy".
Yay! I've created a lot of hearty tiles over the past couple of weeks and I'm a little burnt out, so I welcomed the opportunity to find the spirit in other ways. This challenge played directly into my fancy to resurrect dud tiles or enhance pieces from my tile pile with a red marker in an attempt to build up a whole bunch of Valentine-y thangs that I can give out at work on Friday. I hope I can pull this off. There are a lot of people and I don't want to resurrect any grade school anxiety of leaving anyone out.
This tile fit the bill. I started this tile for a Square One: Purely Zentangle challenge a few months ago that focused on the pattern Gneiss but I abandoned it as it just wasn't gelling with me at the time. Shuffling through the pile yesterday I saw the roses and went to work. It wasn't until I was finished that I recalled the pattern name Boo-Kee...I mean how could I not?


  1. Great tile. Fun to hear how you "resurrected" it! Good luck with the rest for your tiles fro Friday at work!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Emily! I just visited your page and left you a comment. Great work!

  3. Love the twinkling red around BooKee, looking very festive.

  4. Absolutely beautiful tile! Wonderful your choice of the tangles! I like your way of using Boo Kee!

  5. Lovely! (…and what a great thing it is to go through those abandoned tiles and be inspired with something to finish them off).