Thursday, September 24, 2015

String Challenge #111 and other doodles...

String Challenge #111~ follow these steps:
1) draw the pattern "Hamail"
2) create your own string
3) add your favorite tangle

Adele's prompt this week was a sequence of One's. One prompt pattern, one string, then one favorite tangle. Hamail is new to me. After a little bit of practice I just went for it. I love the floral motif and couldn't stop so there wasn't much need to create a string as the motifs broke up the space effectively. "Sandswirl" is among my top 5 faves...this week;-D

This morning: Coffee & Practice

I've been very inspired this week, thanks to all you challenge makers and takers. Late last night I continued "Pea-nuckle" practice, fueled by my initial attempt at this weeks Joey challenge. I was at it again this morning. I'm determined to "get" this pattern. I can only make sense of it when I work on a grid. After several attempts, I think I will try to take this out of the box and go all Helen Williams on it;-)...sigh...if only...
I absolutely love Antonine Koval's new tangle "Oybey". What a gorgeous border. Check out Antonine Tangles to see her gorgeous ZIA.

As ever, thanks to all of you for visiting my blog and to those who leave such generous and thoughtful comments~YOU ROCK!


  1. Swirlies! Great combination of tangles and nice compostion! Your comment about your 5 faves made me LOL. Same here. They change so quickly I can't keep up any more. Time to start a "faves journal"?

  2. Congratulations with your tile of honor! It is striking!

  3. Congratulations with your tile of honor! It is striking!