Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Made by Joey Challenge #116, Diane & Carolien's Weekly #60 and IAST#148

 Made by Joey #117
Circle string by Joey
patterns: Flux and Tipple

Joey has commenced with a new series of challenges based on circular strings. As with my last series, the Roman Numeral Set, I'm going to continue on with these watercolor ATC's I've been painting using renaissance tiles as my color inspiration. I'm also, as always, inspired by coffee.

This was Monday morning as I read Joey's challenge for the first time. I got right to work;-) I only just now got the brilliant idea to make coffee ring circles next time.

Here's the round-up of the Roman Numeral challenges:

These next two ATC's were created for a group activity at Zentangle Artists Trading Card Swap on Facebook. Every other Friday one of the admins (2 are UK based hence the Fortnightly) posts a focus pattern and invites members to participate.

Fortnightly Friday Fun Event at
Zentangle Artists Trading Card Swap Group on Facebook
focus pattern: Cubine

Cubine off-the-grid

Diane & Carolien's Weekly Alphabet Challenge
#60: B-P-U
Batumber, Boomerang, Unme, Pokeleaf, Undling

This just in: a spontaneous ATC along with my morning coffee.

sAdele Bruno's "It's a String Thing" Challenge #148
I was playing with my watercolors yesterday, trying to venture out of my color comfort zone. I'm also venturing into a new swap project. Stay tuned;-)

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  1. Your work is so Beautiful! My favorite is your tile for Joey's challenge!

  2. Your work is so inspiring! I love the way you've integrated Joey's circular string in an ATC. Your Fengle is stunning too!

  3. Joey´s string goes beautifully with the ATC!

  4. I really love all the colors you have used in your work. Kind of gray toned. Good idea for you to use a coffee cup for your circles! Nice pieces. I love the shading and the different approach to Cubine!

  5. heh I like the coffee cup circle template! ha! I used my water jug at work. But all of these, as always, look terrific.

  6. I really love your coloured tiles. My favorit is the Fengle.

  7. Oh, I would use water color tiles all the time if they looked like yours! Your Joey tile is dreamy, and I love that turquoise color with Fengle.

  8. I love your fengle tile, it is so watery looking. Such a feast for the eyes with all your work on one page,lovely.