Thursday, June 16, 2016

Diane & Carolien's Alphabet Challenge #61: D-C-A

Challenge #61: D-C-A
Dot Grid, Cloudfall & Aloha

 One of the Zentangle centric Facebook groups I belong to has an ongoing challenge they call "Tuesday Tangles". It's an effort to acquaint ourselves with new patterns and if so inclined, create journal art using collected patterns and create our own pattern library in any format we choose.
The admin posts 7 patterns and links to the step outs each Tuesday that ideally are drawn one each day.
This is how mine works:
I start with a template of 2" squares, add patterns that I like, some from Tuesday Tangles and others I just call "Other Faves". I don't collect step outs. Once I've practiced a pattern and then put it in the book I can usually remember how to draw it.
When the page is full, I post a pic at the group and then cut them out and put them in here:
I also keep trimming from larger watercolor works and make 2" tiles from those as well.

My idea for doing Diane and Carolien's challenges are to use patterns from my library and exercise the restraint I blogged about in my previous post to let the paper shine through.

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  1. Thanks for another great instructional post. Your organization is impressive!!