Wednesday, December 9, 2015

String Challenge #122

It's a String Thing #122
String #122
Patterns: Verdigogh, Kuke and 63Y

Here's this week's challenge at "It's a String Thing".
My first challenge was just learning "63Y". I had a hard time wrapping my brain and pen around the step out. I found it very complicated and aggravating because I just couldn't get it to look clean, asking myself  many times "Why?" It's not required to use all of the patterns but that's why they call this a challenge.
I went back and looked at one of Linda Farmer's notes where she uses a zig-zag to assist in creating a more seam-less hexigon. Then it clicked. Once I started on the tile though, "Verdigogh" had other ideas and pretty much took over the whole deal and I had to figure out a way to get "63Y" back into it-"Kuke" was a no brainer so I just added more balls;-) The whole thing is a little over-worked and one of my balls is a bit wonky, but I was home sick today and didn't have much energy to do anything else but nap and watch "Love Actually" 3 times;-)

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