Thursday, December 3, 2015

Playing Catch-up

Aquafleur tree

The week of challenges commenced with the Diva's guest blogger, Dilip Patel's prompt to create a monotangle tree and Joey's "Zinger" monotangle. 
I had many ideas cooking but no time to execute. Then came Adele's string challenge to create an "Aquafleur" tree using Carol Ohl's beauty as an example. I was blown away by the beauty of Carol's tree and began a couple of ill-fated attempts at it. I've never used "Aquafleur" before. I love it but it is extremely labor intensive and requires much, much practice. It wasn't until I was well invested in this one that I realized the tree is lopsided;-)

"Zinger" monotangle

One of my first ideas was to make a "Zinger" tree. My original attempts on tiles and ATC's did not go well, as I kept starting with the tree and getting cramped and badly balanced zinger's in the end. I went back to the drawing board, so-to-speak. I picked up the sketchbook this morning and tried drawing the zinger's first. Much better.

From last week:

Diva Challenge #245

It's been a super busy month and there's no sign of let-up until after the new year. Cafe time has been bountiful with swap tiles I'll share in a separate post. So here are some challenge pieces I've been trying to catch-up on:
Diva's "Hollibaugh" a bit over-shadowed by those dang gemstones that are all the rage over on many of the Zentangle inspired Facebook groups.

"Yuma" monotangle

I couldn't resist a touch of gemstone on this one too.

Explore a new "I" tangle:  "IX" by Zentangle HQ
Artist Focus: Sue Clark's "Cheers"

I did this in my little homemade sketchbook.

One of a series of nine ATC's I made for the Zentangle: Tangled & Journaled, Too Facebook Groups.

As ever, thank you for visiting my blog, Your generous and thoughtful comments always make my day. I'm playing catch-up as well with my visits and comments to your blogs too.

Wishing all of you the Happiest Holiday Season ever!


  1. Such prettiness. I think your tree looks wonderful. Very clever to combine the challenges.

  2. Gorgeous work, Michele! Especially your Yuma monotangle is eye candy :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing ideas as well as success and I heartily sympathise with you on Aquafleur - I only like it when other people draw it, never me. I admire all of these but the final one is just beautiful.

  4. All gorgeous in my opinion - I particularly like the lovely turquoise colours and shades you have used in some of the tiles. Beautiful. Axxx

  5. I love your bouquet of Zingers, the shading on the stalks and the curls at the tips, very cool! I think this may be the first challenge of mine that you have not done on an ATC? Your gems are beautifully done as well!
    ~ joey ~

  6. All your tiles are awesome. The gemstones are amazing

  7. You say your Christmas Tree is crooked, but that is perfect. All real life Christmas Trees are lopsided. Your Zingers are so artistic, I love them

  8. All of your trees are very pretty. I like how the Zingers look - almost like tall, swaying grasses. And the gemstones are great. I need to get in on this trend before it vanishes!

  9. WOW! Your tiles are so beautiful! Greetings, Anja