Saturday, October 10, 2015

String Challenge #113~3 ways

String 113
Patterns: Pots 'n Pans, 5n2 & Hollibaugh
scanned version

This was one of those challenges that seemed to know what it wanted to be from the get-go, for better or worse, as opposed to the "Make it Work" quandary I usually find myself in as Saturday evening approaches. 99.9% of the time, those tiles end up being far more interesting and successful.
I'm not really crazy about this one, but this month I'm trying to fit my challenges into my InkTober theme of following my instincts and not over-thinking.
 I immediately saw an "M" in the string and made that a focal point. I've used Pots 'n Pans before and enjoy it's whimsy and this was a great opportunity to work on shading.
I'm still auditioning the library scanner and I can't say I'm digging it all that much.

The photo with a little Photobucket sharpening.

for Inktober Day 7
the beginning

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  1. I can tell you had fun with this one! (Or this one had fun with you, since it "knew what it wanted to be!") I love how you--or IT?-- integrated the 2-n-5 into Hollibaugh and Pots n Pans. Yup. Don't overthink it! (Easier said than done!) Bravo!

  2. Wonderful tile! Great your way of using the tangles! I love it!

  3. Love your Pots-n-Pans tile! I didn't know the tangle before participating in this challenge, and hadn't thought I would like it so much. Now it only has a small part on my tile, while I can see on your tile it deserves to have a more important part. It looks great!