Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Just noodling around...

"Knyt" for TNTM #40

Due to technical difficulties, mostly an antiquated cell phone cam, the quality of my photos has taken a drastic turn south and it's been really frustrating. Though I don't have a scanner at home, I only just discovered that the copier at the library has a free scanner.
After spending the afternoon navigating the scanner and the editing process on my antiquated little computer, I managed to capture some cleaner versions of sadly blurry past post pics and maybe others that I haven't shared before.

This wasn't for anything in particular. I'm playing with ideas for the next Zentangle Artists Trading Card Swap group. The theme is Autumn, though these are looking more Wintery.

Phicops, Flux & Tipple just for fun
on a watercolor ATC

InkTober pages from my new little sketchbook

This was the tile I submitted to Adele's It's a String Thing Challenge  a few weeks ago. In spite of the gigantic blurry mess I sent her, I won the weekly tile of honors. 

So here's hoping I can get my act together and have better pics for you. Although these scans are clearer, I find they lack the charm and spontaneity of a photograph, but until I can budget in a new device, it's a solution for now.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Your thoughtful and generous comments truly inspire me.
 I'd really be curious to know who reads these posts when they're not linked to the Diva Challenge and I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Wow Michele, these tiles are so fantastic!
    I love most the three tiles above , the autumn colours are very nice and I love the combination of Knyt and Mooka. Very well done!

  2. I really love your tangling style, Michele. The colours, the patterns you put together and the details. Just fantastic! Axxx

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  5. I read these posts :-) because I love your style. Don't worry about the scanner quality, we get a good idea of your work!
    Great Knyte-tile! I find it a quite difficult tangle, but maybe I should give it another go. Haven't done it in ages.

    1. Thanks Ilse! Knyt is actually much easier than it looks, though it does take some practice.