Thursday, April 5, 2018

Diva Challenge #358, a Challenge Duet & more mixed media

"The journey begins with an idea, so many possibilities, so many what if's to explore"

This week's challenge is a UMT (Use My Tangle) featuring "Pickpocket" by Tomas Padros. It's a beauty, but it's also very high focus.
I felt like this was a good journal piece because it's definitely something I want to remember. I'd previously set up a few watercolor pages in my DIY journal and went for it.

A start inspired by this video

A Challenge Duet 

Another long exploration done and dusted. At first, I wasn't too crazy about the IAST pattern selections but I liked how the string played into Joey's Mak-rah-mee. I had done all but two of the Mooka  tendrils on Monday, hoping I'd be able to carry them into IAST. Now, that's my least favorite part of the page. My favorite parts are the two IAST patterns Kaboom and Kulecane. Go figure. It's always a journey;-)

Other artsy endeavors:

My DIY Journal
inspired by this video from CeeCee's Creations
I used a Platinum Preppy fountain pen
filled with Iroshizuko Tsuki-yo blue ink
on a previously watercolored background

More DIY Journal flowers

My new mixed media journal cover art
that's actually a bronze acrylic so it looks much better in person;-)

First page
inspired by another of CeeCee's morning pages

These next two pieces, I worked on simultaneously, starting with a large watercolor practice sheet I cut in half. I find that I really like doing these circle flowers and it's a great way to give my old tiles and watercolor rejects a new life. The original background was a light turquoise wash with orange and blue splashes and spray. I hated it. Yet, it inspired the results of both of these pieces.

  made from used baby wipes from my paint clean-ups;-)

"cat among the flowers"

Thanks so much for stopping by. Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me!


  1. Lovely experimentations with backgrounds, inspired by Cee-cee's video's. I have added the link of her to my favorites and I wanna thank for that. The days are always to short for me but I hope also in the future to explore some of her videos.
    I love your compositon of the Diva's challenges on that wonderful background but this time, again my fave is the combination of Joey's and Adele's choice.You combined them in an absolute gorgeous way! Our little wild panther has become a bit more approchable but not yet so much as Aimée. She is really a cute one.

    1. Thank you Ria! It was a fun week of artistic distraction.

  2. Wow, I really admire what you did with Pickpocket! It is a high focus tangle indeed, but you have managed to make something beautiful with it!
    Your challenge duet is eye-candy too, bij the way ;-) It ‘s always so nice to visit your blog!

    1. Many thanks Ilse! I'm hoping to make time to explore Pickpocket a bit more. I love what everyone has been doing with it.

  3. Love the journal page with pickpocket! The flowers in you mix media journals are great too! Awesome looking cover and I like the dimension on the last two watercolor sheets! Beautiful work all of it!

    1. Thanks Kate! The DIY journal has evolved into my daily go-to. It's always fun to set up a bunch of watercolor pages with splashy messes and then all I need is a pen and a jolt of inspiration to finish them off.

  4. Your Pickpocket tile is great, Michele! It is my favorite this week. Follower is the duotangle. Your experiments with backgrounds and flowers are beautiful. I like all of your work this week!

  5. Splashy messes, huh? I continue to drop my jaw every time I visit you. I particularly love the "art in the morning" entry and am now off to youtube to check out Cee Cee. Thanks for another inspirational post. Pets and cuddles to Aimee!