Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Duo Challenge and Other Artsy Stuff...


I had fun with this one...once I got over the hump of Frames. I love how it turned out but I am the worst at complex grid patterns. Not gonna lie...I did it in pencil first;-)
Adele's challenge offered up some super fun accompaniments to Frames with Flukes, Cubine and a new fun fave Elirob and her string flowed pretty well from my Frames set up.

Mixed Media art journal
One of my cosmic garden Diva Challenge pieces repurposed

Since The Diva took a break this week I thought I'd share a couple of  pieces I worked on with past Diva art as my jumping off point.

I finished off my set up from last weeks Duo-tangle challenge
playing more with last weeks IAST patterns Tupuk and Flec

Napkin Doodlin's
Platinum Preppy 05 fountain pen
Izirozuki Kon Peki blue ink

I love the gradation of bleeding

Here's one of my DIY hacks for making my own components for my mixed media art journals. I do this at the cafe when I'm watching YouTube videos. They're super quick and it's a good way to get a bit of detailed line work on top of heavily textured and acrylic surfaces.

My Cheese Art

Where's my cheese?

Thanks so much for stopping by! Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me:-)


  1. Fantastic results. So inspiring. Napkin doodling is so cool.

  2. With Diva taking a break this week... I was having Zentangle Community withdrawal! It was so exciting to find you in my inbox today! Love your DuoChallenge.... with all those grids! Well done! Cute Cheeze-Art! Terrific journal and napkin art! I'm with Aimee... where's MY cheese!!💞

    1. Thanks so much Deanne! I always wonder how people find my blog posts when they're not linked to a challenge. I appreciate that you follow my posts 😍🐾

  3. You had a very creative week with wonderful results, Michele! Again my absolute favorite this week is your duo challenge! Your napkins are very beautiful and would decorate every table. But I think they are too nice to use them.

  4. I have never seen a work of you I don't like, they are always wonderful surprises, for me it is very me, it is very pleasant to see your beautiful "playing" with Flec, Tupuk and Fassett. The naps are really gorgeous but again my favorite is the duotangle!
    And just like, Aimee, I would like to taste a little piece of that tasty dish with delicious cheese.

    1. Thanks so much Ria! I'm really enjoying the way Tupuk fits into my floral fun. My YouTube obsession is always inspiring me into areas of creative madness😉