Saturday, December 3, 2016

String Challenge #173 and some Travelling Tangles

patterns: Verdigogh and Cruffle

 Adele's string was very simple, two crossed and slightly curved lines. I followed it with the stem of Verdigogh and the bauble chain. It's sort of Christmas-y but not completely. I had one remaining  colored tile (using tissue paper) from a jewel tone set I made a month or so ago and fortunately that swipe of green was in just the right spot.

I finished two Travelling Tangles since my last post:

My finish to one of Heidi Whitney's tiles

I immediately saw the potential for a stacked string approach. I love stacked strings! I chose patterns that reflected sand and surf (boards;-) This was so much fun to do.

This reminded me of the beach

My finish to Heidi's 2nd tile

I had a lengthy stare-down with this one. I thought of doing more dangles but the  urge to aura could not be denied;-) Then I penciled in a string. Left to my own devices I rarely start with white tiles but when I do I almost always need a string. I'm fairly certain Heidi uses Fabriano Tiepolo which is the same paper the official tiles are made of. I had only just repaired my 2 finest nib technical pens, so it made this a joy to draw and fill up every lick of space;-)

This is a Christmas gift project I'm working on inspired by Margaret Bremner's recent post. I had a couple of Zia's in progress that I wasn't too crazy about. I cut them up and then finished each bookmark by adding a bit more tangling where needed and then shadow and highlight. They turned out pretty great. I laminated them.

Tripoli for Zentangle's 12 Days of 3Z's

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  1. Wow! That IAST tile is so Christmasy! Just as festive and classy as can be. Love what you did for my starts too! And you are right: that is tieplolo paper made by Fabriano. I bought a sheet and made my own tiles. Isn't it dreamy to use? But I just want to stare at the white and ink one. It couldn't be better. Fantastic!

    1. Heidi, I had so much fun with these. They were so different and I love that paper;-)

  2. Hey Michele! Love your offerings today. I, too, am making bookmarks. I love to make them because I use colored pencils and they come out bright and fun. I bought a small laminator. I've been using 5 mil laminator plastic. Do you use 5 or 3? Just curious. Thanks for showing off your lovely tiles and wonderful creativity!

    1. Thank you Denise! I use 3 and 10. I use scraps from work;-)