Saturday, November 26, 2016

String Challenge#172 and some Travelling Tangles

patterns: Cubine, Ennies and Fescu

Fresh on the heels of The Diva's Reticula and Fragments challenge, I had a little play with Cubine. I immediately messed it up. Oh well...I really like how it came out though and it was a very Zen tile to work on. I like how the string has a tile within a tile effect.

I didn't have as much Travelling Tangle time this week. I was truly fortunate to receive a gorgeous little packet of mail from Jem Miller (aka Ragged Ray) in West Sussex (U.K.) a couple of weeks ago. Here are my finishes to two (of  three)  tiles she sent me:

Jem's line work is so clean and graphic. I truly aspire to that so, whenever I get something like this I know it's going to be a long and very Zen process. I was in the mood to create some gems and contrast them with another grid pattern to compliment Jem's starter of OO-Africa. I used Test Pattern.

I love wavy stack strings, so I continued on with a few more wavy pencil lines and proceeded to choose patterns that would alternately compliment and contrast Verve and Footlites, I started off with a little triangle fragment play.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me!

Happy Caturday;-)


  1. Lovely to see your work on my tiles here too. The balance in the black and white one is perfect. And I particularly like the thick shadow lines on the coloured one, they make my OOAfrica much more dynamic.

    I'm going to sit with yours a while longer, but I know I'll be much braver this time. And who knows... but I'm sure we'll swap again one day!

  2. Lovely work on your travelling tiles! I'd love to see a progression of how you drew and coloured your string challenge tile. It's fabulous!

    I too had a terrific Caturday!! :))