Saturday, September 3, 2016

String Challenge #160 and some Traveling Tangles

Fengle and Shattuck

 Adele's string was a sort of angular spiral. It wasn't until I was halfway into it, I'd wished I made Fengle bigger.  I really like this combination of patterns and now I'm tempted to go back and do another one, but I always seem to cut it down to the wire. We'll see...

I actually think I'm getting caught up with my stack of Traveling Tangles;-) Here's what I did this morning:

This is my finish to a tile sent to me by Paula Beverley...

...traveling from Virginia

Here's my finish to Lydia Meneses fun tile...

...traveling from the big island of Hawaii

This is my finish to Sabrina Kirjavainen's lovely start...

...traveling all the way from Finland.

It was a coincidence that I should receive 3 in a row that were black ink on official Zentangle tiles. I love them but I don't buy them. Part of it is budgetary but, I have more paper than I could ever use in a lifetime. Having said that...I really do love working on them. My pen loves working on them. These were a joy to complete and it was a nice change to put the color aside for a bit. I even broke out the graphite and focused on some shading and drop shadows.

This was a group of tiles I put up for swapping a few weeks ago when I started experimenting with the tissue paper color transfer technique:

Lydia Meneses, in Hawaii, finished this tile

Muniza Askari in Singapore, finished this tile.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me.


  1. Your String challenge is gorgeous! Very inspiring, as your work is always :-)

  2. IAST is so beautiful done! And these wonderful travelling tangles!

  3. You have a unique style and your IAST tile is a lovely example. I'm blown away by your travelling tangles too, just beautiful.

  4. Wonderful String-Thing tile! I like your Fengle very much.
    Travelling Tangles are a wonderful project ... the result are fabulous!