Thursday, July 21, 2016

It's a String Thing Challenge #154, Diane & Carolien's Weekly #66 and more travelling...

It's a String Thing Challenge #154
Adele's looping string
Patterns: Leaflet, Cat-kin, St. Johns Cross and Zen Bud

Diane & Caroliens Weekly Alphabet Challenge #66: U-#-X
Undiala, 4 Rosie, 2S, Xplozen

Diva Challenge #276/ #2
Tangle on the Move 
on the BART train July 4, 2016

I completely forgot that I had this going in my sketchbook from my trip to San Diego over the 4th of July weekend. I'd done a few drippy watercolor pages in my sketchbook before leaving home. This is the page I worked on while on the train home from the airport...a much smoother ride than the bus!

Travelling Tangles Project completed yesterday:

This is my finish to Michele Beauchamp's gorgeous start...
...travelling all the way from Australia

This is my finish to Trish Griswold's lovely start...
...having made its way from New York

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  1. Wow and more WOW!!!! You did so very well in the train, I find it too hard to do.

  2. Great idea to prep some paper before a trip. I'm definitely going to "borrow" that idea. I think the tiles that traveled to you to finish from different corners of the globe also fit the Diva's challenge. (I guess the globe doesn't have "corners" exactly). Your Renaissance tile finishing one started elsewhere is beautiful and elegant.

  3. I love your challenge piece that you did on the BART. I forgot that I have also ridden on the BART, and yes, it was a quite smooth ride, It was the first time that I had ridden anything like when I first rode the BART when hubby and I went down to Berkely on a business trip several years ago. That was before we got our local TRAX and Front Runner here in Utah. Lovely tiles...and I love your travelling tiles. Looks like such fun!

  4. I LOVE your tile for Adele Brunos IAST Challenge! I hae not had the time to draw it yet but I love the tangles she chose and your very special interpretation!
    I also love the travelling tiles... Seems that this is a new trend! Very interesting!

  5. Wow all tiles are gorgeous. My favorit is your tile for Adele. The travelling tile are interesting, I love it.