Saturday, July 9, 2016

It's a String Thing #152, Diane and Carolien's Weekly #64 and more Travelling Tangles

It's a String Thing Challenge #152
patterns: Lenche and Kitl

I still have several watercolor tiles and ATC's I'd set up for all of the patriotic themes that came up for last weeks challenges. Adele's challenge introduced me to two new patterns, both by regular IAST contributors. "Lenche" is by Anita Westin and "Kitl" is by Ragged Ray who also is one of my Travelling Tangles peeps. I'm sharing a collaboration below. Apologies for some of the unfortunate photography. I haven't been able to make it to the library scanner this week and my cell phone cam is very persnickety when it comes to close-up and night time photography.

Diane and Carolien's Weekly Alphabet Challenge #64 A-Y-K
Adente, Y-Flip, Kiss and Kisses

The latest addition to my pattern library. The artwork on the left is the work of Ragged Ray. She sent me this beautiful hand drawn note card along with her tiles.

Let's Swap! #4~Tangled and Journaled Too Facebook group

I just finished up the 9 ATC's for one of my groups. I'm using patterns from the groups weekly Tuesday Tangles feature where we're prompted to add a new pattern a day to our repertoire. I'm also using 4 of my Fave 5 patterns: Mooka, Tipple, Pokeleaf and Printemps . 'Nzeppel would be #5 but I didn't end up using it.

Now, on to this weeks Travelling Tangles:

I created this tile and sent it off the incomparable Michele Beauchamp...

She finished it so beautifully, didn't she?

This is a tile sent to me by Shawna Martin
I finished it with Ruutz and Leaflet

This tile was sent to me by Ragged Ray

I finished it off with Cee-a-mosa, a little Fescu and some stippling.

As ever, thank you so much for visiting my blog. Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me!


  1. ha! that IAST tile looks like a crime scene. Seriously... some gracious boudoir where a stabbing took place...not in a bad way, mind you. I like it. And I love ALL the traveling tiles. Awesome stuff, all of it!

    1. Hahaha...yes the crime scene touch was one of the reasons the tile didn't make it into the first cut of challenges;-)

  2. Oh well, I am speechless, you are so so busy and all so beautiful! I wish I were so good with colours. I will exercise during my holidays...

  3. I sent my first travelling tile this week and I am so curious, what is going on with it.
    I will show it when finished! I love the idea of travelling tiles
    Yours are just beautiful!

    1. Thanks Simone! The Travelling Tangles Project is such a brilliant idea. I really love the collaboration process. It's much more personal than the group swaps. If you would ever like to do a swap with me, let me know;-)