Thursday, July 28, 2016

Diva Challenge #277, Made by Joey #123...and other tangle-y stuff

5 1/2" x 8 1/2" sketchbook zia

I started this several weeks ago on one of the drippy watercolor pages I'd created before my 4th of July weekend holiday. I was experimenting with a new red ink and dip pen. The coffee rings came about a third of the way in, as I was setting up ATC's for the last few Joey Circle String Challenges. I tangled a little more within the coffee rings and off and on for about 2 weeks because this one has really been my go-to relaxation piece. Laura hit the nail on the head about how soothing circles are to draw. I'm using most of my mac 'n cheese circle-y, swirly patterns...

pattern: Pearly

...and yaaayyy....more circles! I naturally wanted to follow the string line with Pearly. After laying that down, I pondered the next move. I added a little drop shadow and pearly highlights and pondered some more. Then, some more. I decided to leave it as it is.
Diane and Carolien's Weekly Alphabet Challenge
#67 Q-O-K
Quib, Ocee, Organic, Kiasom

Works-in-Progress for the Travelling Tangles Project

This latest batch of happy mail arrived over the weekend. I haven't had a chance to work on them yet but I wanted to show the lovely card that was sent to me by Ria Matheussen who reached out to me to do an independent Travelling Tangle. She did a beautiful abstract watercolor and inserted it into a standing frame note card and sent me the watercolored Renaissance zendala to complete. Ria, thanks so much for the gorgeous art. I'll post the results of these pieces next week.
For anyone not familiar with the Travelling Tangles Project, it's a Facebook group masterminded by  Singapore CZT, Stephanie Jennifer. It's a collaborative swap where members exchange incomplete tiles, ATC's or zendalas for the other to finish. It's truly addictive, a little bit challenging and a whole lot of fun. My last several posts feature the results of my collaborations since I got hooked on this group last month.
3 ATC's I'm about to offer up for swap

What I'll do is post this pic on the Facebook page and ask if anyone wants to swap, the first 3 responders will get them and they'll agree to send me something in return. It's great because you're in control of  how many or few you want to do. Stephanie also organizes a themed monthly group swap.

Anyhoo...thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me.


  1. First of all, thank you for the nice compliment you gave me.
    And for now I want to say that I admire all your work, I love your circles, especially the one with the pearly tangle, so uncomplicated but very special but also the two other are real beauties!

  2. gosh I just love the coffee ring series! delightful.

  3. All beautiful, but I'm especially charmed by the simple elegance in your second tile, the one with Pearly.

    I've got a few tiles with 'rings' on them, leftovers from an age old Diva challenge about spills. I should dig them out and do something with them.

    1. Thanks Jem! I think this week's Joey piece is my favorite of the whole series so far. I'm beginning to ponder a larger piece featuring the coffee rings;-)

  4. It's always fun to see things that were posted in the Travelling Tangles group on a member's blog.
    And, I always felt it was a little frustrating when swap groups had a sign-up date that you absolutely had to follow, or when you were set a specific amount of swap partners. It was sad sometimes, because when you know you're going to be busy and can't take eight swap partners, but you'd still like one or two, but not have the option... Then you had to forgo that month's participation.

    I love you full page drawings. I'm trying to complete full page spreads in my sketchbook, too, but they're daunting sometimes. I don't know why since you can just think of a page as a very large tile... But it's scary to see that much white space. hahaha

    1. Thanks Stephanie Jennifer! Yes, I definitely find the at-your-own-pace format of the Travelling Tangles Project so much more practical. As for the sketchbook pages, the watercolor base helps the blank page intimidation factor;-)

  5. Wonderful work! This week the circles are my favorites!

  6. Beautiful work, and so different from other work I've seen. I've just heard about travelling tangles too and am looking forward to my first one at the moment.

    I particularly love your Joey's challenge tile. The pearly is beautiful.

  7. Wow, such beautiful work. The one at the top had me studying it! Thanks for sharing your talent with us, Michele. We are richer for it.

  8. I dig what you did with the Joey´s challenge! Maybe I should have gone into color too??? this one is beautiful!

  9. Delightful pieces! The Diva piece is really amazing!

  10. Great tiles, beautiful colors and very elegant and artistic.