Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Diva Challenge #242 and other stuff...

Diva Challenge#242

I've been noodling around in the sketchbook a lot this week. I had already been playing around with "Gourdgeous" over the weekend when the pattern was published on tanglepatterns.com. I created the one above this morning when I randomly pulled out one of my trusty old watercolor ATC's and just let it flow. Both "Verve" and "Gordgeous" came on my radar over the weekend and it all morphed together for my Inktober entry that day. To be honest "Gourdgeous"... it's not my favorite pattern. I practiced it A LOT before I had anything worth sharing.

"Verve" & "Gordgeous" with a little "Diva Dance"
for Shading Zentangle 
Made By Joey Challenge #85
"Verdigogh" Monotangle

I had some ATC's left over from last months Zentangle Artist's Trading Card Swap and Verdigogh seemed  like an appropriate fit.
Some of the  ATC's sent out into the world via the ZATC "Everything Autumn" October Swap

These next two tiles are my start to this month's Zentangle Artists Trading Card Swap. The November theme is black and white, using only patterns that start with N. I took a page from the Diva challenge from a couple of weeks ago where Laura used black gesso swiped over an old tile. 
Zentangle Artists Trading Card Swap
November~Black & White N tangles
The theme of my approach to this month's swap is Niuroda November with a touch of 'Nzeppel.

Square One Purely Zentangle
 Shading Zentangle 
Pattern Focus is "Verve"

Throwback Thursday #5
for Antonine's Tangles
Fun with a tangle

I think this was a Square One challenge focusing on "BB" (I never labeled anything back then).  I remember being pretty uninspired by the challenge at first and had many fits and starts until I stumbled upon "Pots 'n Pans" and it all came together. I remember having a lot of fun with it and I still enjoy looking at it.


  1. Wow, I could spend hours looking at all of the details on these pieces! I should comment first on your Verdigogh, I love the effect you have created! It appears that the berries are inside a 3D Verdigogh, it's amazing! Your ATC continue to boggle my mind, not just the drawing but the colours and textures! Wow!
    Thanks so much for sharing all of your pieces!
    ~ joey ~

  2. OMG, the verdigogh. stunning. plus all the other beauties here. wow.

  3. oh wow, i love all you artwork..... the colors are beautiful

  4. Lots of lovely work. Your Gourdeous are awesome. I love the soft coloring in the first one and the flow in the second.

  5. Great work, the verdigogh is awesome, well it all is really. Your BB made me laugh, I like BB but hadn't thought of using it in stacks like that.

  6. Loving your November swap black and white in one tile genius Michele but I'm very surprised that narwal isn't making an appearance?! :-o ;) I also love the pots n pans bb tile your like me I didn't label or date anything back then either:|

    1. Hahaha..."Narwal" is definitely lurking about waiting for me to get bored with "Niuroda";-)

  7. Always a pleasure for the eye to pop by your blog, Michele. I love all your ATCs and the beautiful subtle colours you create. Gorgeous Gourdgeous too! My very favourite is the last one - I understand why it good to keep looking at too. Lovely! Axxx

  8. Wow! Thhese tiles are stunning! Can´t decide which I like most... The first one is fantastic... the colours and the tangles fit so very well together.
    I love also the last one. The dishes on the columns ...this is so funny! All tiles are unique and fantastic!

  9. Oooh, I came here from Joey's challenge, and I do think the verdigoh piece is my favorite. I love the depth you achieved with that shading. But all of these are stunning. The leaf series, the shading on the verve, and your trading tiles. Excellent! Love it!

  10. Wow ... again so many fantastic pieces! What a great variety and I can´t decide for a favorite!

  11. Beautiful work again, Michele. Like I expected :-)
    Your Verdigogh tile is my favorite on this page. It's more gorgeous than Gourdgeous, haha! No worries, we blame that new pattern :-))

  12. Your Throwback Thursday tile is begging to be enlarged, framed and hung on a wall - perhaps in a espresso joint. It is delightful. And your Gourdgeous tiles are inspired and lovely also.

  13. If you're about to enlarge and frame, I'll take the 2 black and white N tangles please! Stunning.