Friday, May 1, 2015

Diva Challenge #215 ~ Labyrinth Lollipop & Made by Joey #58

I am the Diva Challenge #215

This weeks challenge at I am the Diva was to create a labyrinth to use as a string. Once I googled and doodled a few labyrinths I couldn't resist using Marasu, my favorite pattern to use in any coil.

Mostly, it's been another busy week at work. After weeks and weeks of the occasional shift in the cheese department, I officially have been offered the position of Cheesemonger (I love that word) at The Market. I couldn't be happier. I celebrate by cooking a lot...with cheese, of course.
I've managed a few windows to draw, but I've been mostly noodling around in my sketchbook.

Made by Joey Challenge #58
String #121 with Chimes

This was a fun challenge at Made by Joey. It's my first time using "Chimes".


  1. You really tangled a Lollipop! *giggles*
    I like it a lot!!!

  2. Very incredible embellishments on the chimes! Wow! Great detail.

  3. The labyrinth turned out so dimensional! I love the rounded feeling. Great work! Sarah.

  4. Love your Made by Joey tile!

  5. Your labyrinth looks like a lollipop!

    1. Thank you Suzy! I've just been over on your Pinterest board looking at D patterns. I'm trying to catch up on TNTM.

  6. The diva's labyrinth challenge really does look like a lollipop...that is so clever and fun! Your other challenge is beautiful as well...loving the turquoise color!

  7. I do love your labyrinth, it's beautiful with the star behind it.

  8. Both of these tiles are gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE the colors. I really need to invest in some colored microns!

  9. Your chimes are fantastic and love the blue.