Monday, September 26, 2022

September Folio


It’s been a very productive couple of months here at Coffee & Creativity. I spent the last several days finishing up a bunch of journals I started since my last group of journals were mailed out mid August. This is an ephemera folio I’m getting ready to send off to Lindsey Zenors shop Nevermore Creations 17.
The ephemera folio is still a concept I have difficulty wrapping my brain around when it comes to something someone else would buy. Usually, the ones I have seen here and there tend to capture some kind of theme or design scheme where everything coordinates. I don’t really roll that way.
So, in the end, I filled it with all of the stuff I like to use, which includes one of my favorite supplies…crap from Shein. Love it!
The cover came from my stash of mixed media collaged/decoupaged pieces. The pocket pages inside are tied in so whoever wants this in their life can make a journal out of any or all of the components. The tassel includes a whole bunch of beads and can easily be deconstructed.j

All in all, there are 10 pages of pockets filled with a lot of my hand crafted collage cards & tags, some printed cards, coffee/tea/ ink dyed ephemera, and a whole bunch of stickers and such.

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