Friday, August 12, 2022

Among the Wildflowers

I'm clearly a little obsessed with the wildflower die cuts. The soft cover is another mixed media base that has been coated with gel medium. I think I may have given this a spray coat of acrylic as well. The spine is reinforced with painted Tyvek. It's approximately 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", single signature with 60 pages.

There are several bits of handmade embellishments including some bubble printed index cards and guest checks which have been collaged.

Most of the pages have been dyed or sprayed


Thursday, August 11, 2022

Moon and Six Pence

Well, this has got to be one of my favorite journals. I love the layered cover art and the garter band. I got the garter band idea from  Jessica Rapp’s YouTube channel. She’s a big fave of mine. I love her stuff. I’ve purchased 2 journals from her and several of her French ephemera bundles (which I really have to stop hoarding).
The cover is decoupaged sewing pattern tissue over collaged cardstock then sealed with antique tinted gel medium and the spine is reinforced with painted Tyvek.

The medallion is a vintage metal shank button on a Tim Holtz chipboard ephemera
piece on a cluster of distress stained lace and cheese cloth.

Most of the digital pages have been sprayed with either coffee or inky water on the reverse side.
I love the bleed through from an ink jet print.
There are several pieces of hand dyed papers

I believe there's about 64 pages front and back in this journal so there's a lot of space to write and art on.

Bubble printed guest checks with a woven paper cluster and mixed media postcards.   


Tuesday, August 9, 2022

A Beautiful Day

I use an inkjet printer and have embraced the bleed thru when the digital page gets wet. I usually spray them with a coffee solution, then stack them and leave them to dry which creates the effect shown on the left side of the page. It also softens the original image on the front.

The purple index cards and guest checks were bubble printed using inky water and dish soap


Monday, August 8, 2022

Sunflower Ephemera Holder


The cover sports a sunflower but that’s about it for sunflowers. 

I started making ephemera holders to send off to Nevermore Creations 17 Marketplace. I thought this would be a simple project but this has taken me forever to finish just the one. I have several journals in the works and kept pulling the handmade ephemera to use in the journals.

It includes altered guest checks that have been bubble printed and embellished with woven paper strips and some kind of focal image. I was watching a video at 49 Dragonflies awhile back and she had mixed a bowl of ink with water and dishwashing soap then blew bubbles through a straw to then dip paper onto thus leaving a bubbly imprint onto the paper. I tried this by taking several spent ink cartridges from my HP  printer and leaving them to soak in a large jar of water. I’m on the instant ink program but they never send me enough return envelopes for recycling so I had built up quite a backstock of cartridges. Turns out they release a nice purple inky water after several days.

There are a lot of hand made tags, collaged journaling cards, and belly bands within. I haven’t actually counted the pieces but there’s got to be about 60 pieces if I count each sticker.

I included a lot of embellishments I have collected over the years…many assorted stickers and images that I love to use in my own journal pages as well as what I use to decorate the journals I send to Nevermore Creations 17.

My covers usually involve a lot of mixed media layering that starts as a collaged sheet of scrap card stock or food packaging ie. frozen pizza boxes, cracker boxes, and cereal boxes. Then layered with tinted gel medium or gesso, then stenciled texture paste, then a mix of acrylic paint and distress sprays, then finally another layer of gel medium and acrylic spray. The spines are reinforced with painted Tyvek on the outside and fabric on the inside and then machine stitched around. From start to finish these covers take about 3 hours to create.

My idea was that whoever buys this could, theoretically, deconstruct, and turn this into a journal by snipping the 3 hole binding stitching, adding their own papers, then re-assembling to include the pocket pages and use the ephemera and embellishments to decorate their journal or use the stuff somewhere else.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Past, Present and Future Adventures

Travel journal #1. I discovered junk journals several years ago to find a more creative way to document and store all of my travel ephemera. It’s taken me all of this time to get one going.

I found this paper stack at my neighborhood Ross store last week for $6.00. I can’t say I was all that keen on it, but I rarely find paper packs there. I really liked the map pages 

This is significant because this vintage map page from the paper pack includes this very remote First Nations Reserve, Moose Factory Island. That’s where my Dad was from and that’s where I’ll be traveling to next year. So this is what kick started my journal.

I tea dyed all of the patterned papers. They were too intense for my liking.

I stenciled the back sides

The writing board, because I expect this may get bumpy inside

This is a re-purposed Readers Digest book. The cover was decoupaged with scraps of  bleeding art tissue that I had used to dye paper awhile back.

Some of the graphics were way too scrapbooky so I went crazy with my distress inks and made envelopes and then collaged all over them.
In the end, I wanted a lot of space to write and draw, backgrounds to glue in photos and make collages, and pockets to store ephemera and postcards, which I use as journal cards.

 I spent all morning making this band to hold my watercolor cards whilst binge watching my new favorite You Tuber, Caylee Grey. She does some really inspiring art travel journals.

Her best tip: Start your adventures at home. I live in a tourist destination. I always forget that, especially over the last 2+ years. I’m a homebody by nature but I’ve become way too reclusive and now I’ve gotta motivate for new adventures and enjoy this city again.