Friday, August 17, 2018

The Week in Art...

My finish... this fun start by Karen Karstadt

My finish... this start on a coaster by Karen Karstadt
though it dried out my well-used brush pen, I liked the streaky effect and kept going

Oh my...where did the week go? My work schedule was all topsy-turvy this week while I was training our newest cheesemonger. I'm such a creature of habit, drawing in the morning, art journaling in the evening. Mornings were pretty much shot. I started the Duo-challenge but never got beyond setting up the first half. I picked the pre-strung Zendala I'd planned to use but never put pen to it.
These Travelling Tangles were done earlier in the week.
Where I tangle...

Heidi Whitney had sent me the start of a tangle journal page that I have slowly been filling up. I use it for inspiration as I try to dial back the YouTube addiction. "Less time viewing, more time doing".

Here are a few more pages in my TTMMJJ:

I've started to include some of my favorite swaps from other groups as I strive to make this my go-to reference journal for starting and completing future Travelling Tangles swaps.
Some deconstructed, arted envelope bits find a home here

Here are a few pictures of the Flow-ish Junk Journal I received in last month's Grocery swap for the FB group Flow-ish and Trashy Junk Journals 
A Flow-ish journal is a working journal of inspirational bits. It's purpose is to be deconstructed to use in your own journaling., My partner Nikki lives in Olympia Washington and sent me a lot of local ephemera. I've already formed a couple of signatures and started some art journaling with it.
This bag she'd attached to the cover was full of fun bits

I love this illustrated page from her local Edible Magazine
I'd sent her some pages from my SF edition;-)
More fun illustration and a bit of wallpaper
more fun bits and pieces

Lastly I wanted to share a little art supply haul I got on Tuesday. The nearest Michael's/Joann's is an hour bus ride (two 30 minute buses) so I rarely do this. My big discovery was a new store called Tuesday Morning. It's a discount home goods store with a crafting aisle that is quite a hodge podge of crazy cheap stuff. The stamp pads and the tornado stencil were $1.99. I ventured into the world of decorative scrap book paper only because I loved that Masquerade theme book and colors. I'd actually picked up several others but then put them back because I have no idea what I'd do with them and my goal is to use what I've already got.

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Friday, August 10, 2018

My Weekly Duo-Challenge and Other Artsy Meanderings

Square One: "My Swing"
It's a String Thing #255: "Konk" and "Flog"

This week I randomly chose a Square One Purely Zentangle challenge featuring the pattern "My Swing" by Simone Menzel. I was also quite intrigued by this weeks Square One pattern "Icantoo", which seemed like a fitting accompaniment to My Swing. I drew in both of those patterns then waited for IAST. Adele's string was 3 spiraling vines and two new-to-me patterns, both of which I quite like except for the fact that I pretty much stink at highly graphic grid patterns. I went back and inked in the auras around the other side and I'm pleased with the results.

Zendala Monday:

This was just a fun botanical. Week to week I'm alternating between the pre-strung and the plain zendalas. I was determined to resist the urge to attempt something mandala-ish or symmetrical, so I immediately committed to 3 random circles and then went all free-form on it. I also decided against shading though I may go back and color it at some point.

My week in Travelling Tangles:

My finish... this start from Karen Karstadt

 My finish... another of Karen's starters

My finish... this start by Kim Yodisborg

The Travelling Tangles Mixed Media Junk Journal in progress:

This is a super fun project. I came across a box of old swap ATC's from a few groups I used to regularly participate in and started including these as well. I had saved a bunch of envelopes from them and I've arted them too, using them as little pattern reference bits. Honestly, I can't stop looking at these;-)

Flow-ish Junk Journal Swap:

I sent my flow-ish journal off to my swap partner and she posted these pretty photos of it to the Facebook group.
The card is a color copy of my original artwork. I wrapped it in paper and twine I took off of a wheel of Piave that came into the cheese department the day before I mailed it. I knew when I saw that paper that it was a sign to wrap up the project literally and figuratively. I could have tweaked this book forever!

I included a bunch of cheese and spirit pins I've collected over the years from various vendors.

I included one of my handmade stamps in this little soap bag.

A paint blotting napkin.

I just signed up for the next swap. There's no theme. Yaay! I just need to make sure I'm diligent about using only what's already in my stash.

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Weekly Duo-Challenge, Zendala Monday, Travelling Tangles and a How To...

Duo Challenge
Throw back Square One: Loev
It's a String Thing Challenge #254
Tofube & Barquillos

This week I randomly chose a Square One Purely Zentangle challenge as the IAST #254 companion. I was not a fan of Loev when I originally saw the pattern appear on S1 and though I was inspired by many of the submissions in response to it. I didn't really gel with it, but I persevered~"sometimes ya just gotta work through the ugly" wise words from Tiffany at Southern Gal Designs. The IAST side is kind of weird.
I was working on this at the cafe this morning when I accidentally dropped some water on it. My shading quandary was solved (I was pondering graphite but it's so messy and shiny) though I realized that I'd used two different water soluble pens which bled two different colors. There was not much else I could do to screw this one up so I went with it.

Zendala Monday:

Zendala #2

I had Margaret Bremner's "Fengle" post open on my phone whilst doing this.

The string

The Travelling Tangles Project:

My finish... this lovely postcard from Spring Taylor

I love this one. Sorry for the murky lighting on the starter pic.

My finish... another starter from Spring

My finish... Mary Dewick's fun starter

a background tile from Mary Dewick
it looks like she used art tissue 

I just sent out another round of Travelling Tangles starters and posted this pic of my mail art on the FB page. I got a lot of comments about the envelopes so I took a few process pics of one I made today.

Mail Art Envelopes:

Baby wipes
acrylic paint: this was a really cheap set of 24 small tubes from I got at Ross
a stencil or two
some handmade stamps: I cut these out of fun foam and glued them to bar coasters I'd cut down, stacked and glued
I make daubers out of make-up wedge sponges and stick them into the screw caps taken from hotel shampoo bottles

Starting with the lightest colors, blob down a few colors straight out of the tube.
smear with your fingers
add a few more colors, being careful not to muddy
use a baby wipe to blend the colors a bit
Using a clean part of the baby wipe, rub lightly through the stencil to lift off the paint to get this this effect.
There are some great videos on Lisa Oxley's YouTube channel showing how this works.
You'll want to work quickly, in small areas at a time to avoid the stencil sticking to drying paint and tearing the paper if the envelope is a bit flimsy (like this one).
I use some white bathroom tiles as a paint palette. Spread a little paint onto a flat surface and apply the stamp to lift off paint, or with a flat paint brush, brush paint directly onto the stamp.
dab some white or light colored paint to the addressee area.
Repeat on the back side.
These are super fun and easy and you can do several at a time. You just want to make sure the paint is is still a bit wet when you do the stencil lift.
I hope this was helpful and please let me know if you have any questions.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Another Duo-Challenge and other artsy stuff

Throwback Joey #5: "Mountains"
It's a String Thing #253

My start on Monday morning

Joey's prompt was "Mountains". I guess my interpretation is more like "Hills" ;-) I created a string that was reminiscent of a Facebook group I used to belong to called something like "Stacked and Tangled" where strings were laid out so the patterns stacked on top or side by side each other. I used to use this  horizontal wavy line string all the time.
Shortly after I drew the string, a "Zentwining" (conceived by Lynn Mead) tile by Eni Oken appeared on my Pinterest feed. I was fascinated by it.
I was able to adapt Adele's M string into this quite nicely. It was really tricky trying to meld the two sides stylistically though. All in all I enjoyed this one.

If you stopped by last week you may have noticed my purchase of a ridiculously discounted official "Zendala" kit from my neighborhood art store's going out of business sale. Here's my first official Zendala:

Zendala #1

I'm not quite sure what to make of these yet as it's completely out of my comfort zone. I don't do symmetry. Really. I did have fun with it, but it took forever. I'm going to try share one each week as the kit included some pre-strungs in addition to the blanks. I went back and bought 2 more sets so I've got 17 more of these babies to noodle around with;-)

On the Travelling Tangles front: 

my finish... this gorgeous start by Spring Taylor

This was one of those I had to have a serious stare-down with before I could lay pen to paper. I loved how delicate and precise Springs line-work was (the anti-thesis of mine). It reminded me a bit of Lily Moon's work, so I went onto Pinterest looking for piece of  Lily's with patterns I wanted to try to replicate. My agenda with my Travelling Tangles finishes is to move my skills forward and advance my pattern repertoire, so I can use these pieces as references and studies for future work. 

Here's a page from my TTMMJJ

The bookmark on the left was sent to me finished as a bonus ages ago. I don't even remember who sent it. The bookmark on the right was from a recent swap with Heidi Whitney. She'd started it with the little cluster of flowers on the bottom. I'm really into floral motifs these days.

I am the worst at remembering the names of patterns and I don't worry about it. Margaret Blank sent me several colored tiles, ATC's and twinchies with various painted backgrounds. As with all of the others who sent such bonus's, I'm trying to use them to add additional pattern references to my journal rather than aim for more complex tiles. I really liked this pattern and I have no idea what it's called.

Jules Mack sent me this rainbow scratcher a while back

Jules started with a small cluster of 4 "Flux" in the bottom left corner. It took me a long time to put toothpick to paper on this one. I've never done one of these before and let me tell ya, it was so much fun!
Here's a work in progress of one of my TTMMJJ spreads:

The envelopes, notecards and tiles are all mixed up, so tiles sit on cards or envelopes not from the sender.

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