Friday, October 12, 2018

Diva Challenge #371 & Inktober

"Onion Drops"
Inktober Day 10: Flowing

Zendala Monday
Inktober Day 8: the prompt was "Star"
loosely based on a Jupiter Star Hellebore

Other Inktober drawings:
The prompt was "Exhausted"
I was a bit exhausted by the detailed studies
so I went for relaxing

The prompt was "Spell"
how do you spell...

The prompt was "Chicken"

 Inktober fun in my Trainwreck Journal
This was inspired by something I saw on CeeCee's channel
31 Days of Botanicals
The prompt was "Precious" 
this is anything but...

This is a signature I created for another swap for the Facebook Group, "Trashy and Flowish Junk Journals". The task was to make a 2 sheet signature (8 1/2"x 11" folded in half to make an 8 page booklet) using black, white, red, tan & brown.
I'm not a scrapbooker or cardmaker so I don't have the decorative papers or packaged embellishments I see a lot of people using. I art my own and use stuff from my stash of costume and fashion history images, art, travel and museum books, catalogs, postcards, brochures and stuff I just tear out of magazines. 
Last week I shared some pictures of a Flowish Junk Journal I sent for another swap. My partner posted a flip-thru of it on her YouTube channel if you want to see it and here's a video of the one she made for me.

I had a lot of fun with this.
The background is a red paper place mat I stenciled
The two sheets of paper I used were from a book of historical folk patterns
I covered this one with sewing pattern tissue
I've been into making stamps out of fun foam. 
I stamped a bunch out onto some tea/coffee dyed paper.

The corner pockets for this and the one above were from a museum catalog of kimonos

various tags and journaling cards
The backsides of the tags and journaling cards
 and a little booklet for journaling

I have to share a little haul I found at a Ross store the other day. These Faber Castell Gelato sets were
$1.99 each! Crazy. In addition to the 4 sticks they included a brush and a little floral cling stamp or a dauber. There was only 1 of each and I bought them all. 

I've never used these before so I watched a couple of videos and when I got home I made this mixed media piece:

for the Facebook group
Mission Inspiration

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Diva Challenge #370 and Inktober

Diva Challenge #370
UMT "Mezzanine"
by Heidi Sue Whitney

For the first Monday of the month, it's a "Use My Tangle" challenge where The Diva chooses a pattern submitted by another Zentangle enthusiast. Heidi is one of my Travelling Tangles swap mates so it's always fun when one of my tangle peeps is featured in a challenge. I love patterns like this, sort of free form organics. I knew right away that it would make a good companion page to last weeks challenge. I'm coming close to finishing off my second Trainwreck Journal. It's a handmade journal where I go at it with watercolor and inks to create backgrounds that will inspire future art. I generally make a big ol' mess and just have fun.

Zendala Monday
fun with botanicals
Inktober Day 2

Inktober is here. It's a month long challenge to do a drawing a day. This year I've challenged myself to focus on botanicals, both detailed studies and simpler, more whimsical pieces as well. I love drawing flowers and I've always been of the mind (well, what was drilled into me at art school) was that in order to abstract something you have to study the real thing.
Inktober Day 1-"Poisonous"

 I'm going to try to follow the prompts if I can relate them to botanicals. I had brought some hydrangeas home from work (I sell cheese in a small specialty food market that has gorgeous flowers we get to take home once they've lost their vivacity). I googled poisonous flowers and Hydrangeas were the first on the list. It was an ambitious challenge to start with something so complicated but what the heck.

Inktober Day 3

I had intended this to be "Tranquil", but I got a bit frustrated when it got to drawing the reflection. In the meantime I'd started the Zendala which was proving to be a much more tranquil drawing experience. What was great was that having studied the Hydrangea the day before, the petal shapes inspired the flowers I created on the Zendala;-)
Yesterday, I had the epiphany to use a dried out brush pen to do the reflection and water.

Inktober Day 4
a free-form day 

 The eco-print on this sheet of paper was the two large Eucalypus leaves. The Zinnia was just made up in the moment.  The Hotel Flora stationary was unplanned serendipity;-)

I used  several pieces of hotel stationary I collected from my travels abroad
in my last batch of eco-printing

I encased some flowers and leaves in tea bags.
Held up to the light the detailed veining
is super clear

I mailed off another Flow-ish Journal to a swap partner on Friday. This is the Facebook group I follow. A Flow-ish journal is a collection of papers, cards, images and other bits of ephemera that is used in art journaling and mixed media art. It's a way to exchange bits of our stash with each other. Nothing is permantly bound or glued so that the recipient can easily remove things to use in their own journals and mixed media art.

The cover is made from a colored file folder that had these weird wavy tabs across the top. I glued a bunch of paper scraps all over it, then painted and stenciled it, did some machine stitching and added a button/elastic loop closure to it.

I have a large collection of postcards and images, books and pictoral research from years of being a student of theatre design and then free-lance costume designer.

I also have a ton of stickers I collect from cheese delivery at the market.
 I paint and stencil over them.

Magazine pages stenciled and lined with a gold paint pen

Copies of my original butterfly art

And finally a junk journal for another Facebook group challenge where we were asked to construct a journal from one week's worth of junk mail. I painted, stenciled and then decorated with images from an Open Art Studio directory I picked up at my local library.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Diva Challenge #369 and then some...


After drawing straight lines, drawing orbs is my next favorite thing. I can't draw a decent circle to save my life, but somehow, in my mind, the word "orb" implies a little more latitude.
I saw a drawing on Pinterest that reminded me of Helen Williams elegant swirls and curls. I can only aspire to such grace with my pen, but that doesn't mean I ain't gonna try;-)

In my trainwreck journal

I thought you might get a kick out of this handy little tool I found awhile back at Mai Do, my favorite pen store in Japantown. The handy-dandy pencil extender. Look at that crazy little nub. I saw them being used by an illustrator on YouTube.

More orbs and Travelling Tangles:

My finish... this start by Beth Bentz

A Two-fer
Zendala Monday
Travelling Tangle

...from another Beth Bentz start

another finish... a Beth Bentz start

This little pile of fun came from Connie Kennekens in The Netherlands quite awhile ago. Somehow I managed to delete the starter photos from my camera.

I made signatures from my eco-printed papers in preparation for Inktober. My idea is to focus on botanicals. Stay tuned😉

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Chasing Down My Diva Groove...

Diva Challenge #367
There was quite a lot of art going on last week, but not much in the way of Zentangle. I got the the N'zeppel challenge done but the Duo-Challenge was another bust. I did dust off the old DIY journal to get back into my Diva groove. There are still a good bunch of pages to be arted but I'm about to start on creating a new one.
I'm pondering what theme, if any, I want to pursue for Inktober and I've been getting my fountain pens cleaned and inked up.
Back in my DIY/Trainwreck journal

Straight Lines

I love this challenge. I've actually done several straight line pieces since Monday. This was the first one I finished. Soooooo very Zen.

Zendala Monday

I started this last week and only just finished it. I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest.

"Wishy Washi"
for the FB Group Anything Goes: Tangled Art for Everyone

This is an ATC I had from an old watercolor batch. The prompt was to use washi tape on your tile and I had this little piece that I'd received in a swap.
Painted stickers for my art journals and swaps

I spent a lot of time making bits and pieces for my next Flow-ish Journal swap for this FB group I've been quite obsessed with. Basically we swap stuff from our stash of art journaling papers and ephemera. I do a lot of handmade stuff.

Acrylic and plastic wrap on junk paper and packaging

I've been watching a lot of videos from Cat Hand. She has a series called Mixed Media Morsels where she demonstrates various techniques in a small format so you can have these little morsels of inspiration when you want to create larger art. I made a several of the plastic wrap treated bits on random pieces of junk mail and packaging that I'll turn into tags and ATC's for future journals and swaps.

Eco-Printed papers

I did another batch of Eco-printing on a wide assortment of papers and envelopes.  I'm thinking of making these into signatures for an Inktober sketchbook focusing on botanical illustration.
Diva Challenge part 2
more straight lines

I finished this one over my morning coffee today while binge watching YouTube videos at the cafe;-) I was in my happy place.

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