Thursday, January 28, 2016

Made by Joey #97 & Diva Challenge #252

Made by Joey Challenge #97
music note string
pattern: Pais
Diva Challenge #252
Tangle in a tangle: "W2" string with Betweed & Prestwood

Boy! this week sure got away from me quickly. Joey's challenge this week was the final in a series of 4 musically inspired challenges. I really didn't create a series, unless my choice to draw them in my sketchbook counts (not intentional) and with the exception of the first one, they have all been black & white (again not intentional). This was a great series of challenges though as we were provided with a string and though I probably could have used a little creative licence to adapt the strings to the watercolor ATC's I usually use, I've been on a bit of a back to basics kick, so that's sort of followed me through this months challenges.
For The Diva we're to "bigify" a tangle and tangle inside it. I love doing that.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Diva Challenge #251, Made by Joey #96 & String Challenge #128

I am the Diva Challenge #251
Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day
January 24

This week the Diva's Challenge is to use the logo for the Moebius Syndrome Foundation as the string for our art. The Diva's 5 year old son was born with this rare neurological disorder that affects one in a million people, 5000 people on the planet! Moebius Syndrome effects the lateral nerves of the face where one can't smile, grimace or  look side to side. There are other delayed developmental issues and the inability to resist virus that results in severe illness. It does not affect intelligence. The Diva's young son wants to be a "Bona Fide Paleontologist" when he grows up. I love that!
It's been raining buckets this morning. I'm so perfectly cozy with my coffee in the cafe so I'm not gonna venture to the library to scan my apologies for the blurry pics. I cleaned them up as best I could.
Music series using a "Natural" string

This was a relaxing piece. I don't think I've ever used "Chillon" before. I like it.

String #129, patterns: Hypnotic and Paradox

I treated myself to a set of calligraphy pens last week with my 30% off Blick coupon. My primary drawing tools are a set of Rapidograph technical pens I've had since art school, some 20+ years ago. I had to send my two finest nib pens off for servicing and needed something in the meantime. I was inspired to try the old school pen and ink by a post I saw recently at Antonine Tangles. This started off as a practice piece, watering down the ink to get the grey tones. I love the variation in line weight but I'm really clumsy with the dripping. I used a grey Inktense pencil for the shading. This was such a relaxing and fun piece to draw.

Zendalas for the Zentangle Artists Trading Card Swap Group

The parameters for this swap are to use 3 1/2 inch Zendala tiles and to use some patterns that are new to me. I've never done Zendalas before and I don't do symmetry or geometric so I had to really struggle to find my take on this. I'm using the new pattern "Hamadox" (Hamail & Paradox) around a gem and then a variety of old and new patterns around it on my watercolor backgrounds.
I tend to approach each swap as an opportunity to perfect a particular pattern or technique by doing something over and over with slight variations. It not only helps me add to my "signature style", it eliminates having to reinvent the wheel with each tile. I love the way these are looking.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"The Elegance of Limitations"

"Bringing it Back to the Old School"

This weeks Diva Challenge was right up my alley after weeks and weeks of bountiful new patterns, gems and other artistic eye candy I've added to my To Do list.
This week we're to get back to the basics of Zentangle~one white tile, one pen, one pencil, one ceremony~"The Elegance of Limitations" in the words of Rick Roberts. I love that. It's so much more Zen than "being crippled by choices", a term I use when I'm overwhelmed. I started by cleaning up the work space, purging my pen bag and putting all of my tools away into their multiple organizing bins and shut them up in the closet. Armed with my pen, pencil, tile and tortillion I hit the cafe.
I decided to approach all of this weeks challenges in this manner.
The most important part of the challenge was not to over think it. I created a simple string using Margaret Bremners "Rope" string. I focused on one section and started with Crescent Moon, one of my "Mac 'n Cheese" patterns. I took my time, being focused and deliberate with each stroke.
Continuing on:

This week "Made by Joey" provided the "sharp" string and Knightbridge. After a holiday hiatus "That's New to Me" is back with "Q" and Barbara Finwall as the artist focus. I love her pattern "Gnarly" I just need to get better at it.

It's a String Thing Challenge #127
Lily Moon's string #127
patterns: Puchong, (O), Zonked & Printemps

...and finally, this weeks string challenge. This was probably the most Zen of all the tiles. It's a little busy but I thoroughly enjoyed doing this one, mainly because I was treated to an official tile (they really do make a huge difference). There were several sections to the string and after a little practice with the two patterns that were new to me (Puchong and (O)) I picked a section and plunged in with Printemps.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Made by Joey #94 & It's a String Thing #126

Joey starts off the new year with a musical theme and the promise of series inspired challenges. She provided the string (a musical "flat" note) and the pattern "Retro". She also posed the question "Do you listen to music while tangling?" I wish I did, but the answer to that is...uhmnn...not really. If I'm at the cafe, there's music playing, but when I'm at home, I have the TV on. I may or may not be actually watching it and usually I just pop in a DVD I've already seen and just listen to it. My favorite is watching "Poirot" and "Downton Abbey" DVD's from the library. This week, I'm house sitting and have Cable and internet;-) though a limited number of art supplies. I'm flipping between the Cooking Channel and the Food Network, currently engrossed in a Master Chef Canada marathon.

String #126
patterns: Popcloud, Phroz and 4Fun

This week's String Challenge...hmnnn... well there's a reason these are called challenges. I could not wrap my pen around the zen this time. I did this yesterday, a rainy day off, coffee and nothing to do but draw. It was the perfect scenario. This took me 3 attempts. Ironically, "4Fun"? it was not. I could not get that third pattern to work. Though it's not necessary to use all of the patterns, it's a personal challenge to make sure I do it. "Phroz" gave me grief because I didn't have the right pens. I've been  using and loving my old art school Rapidograph technical pens for the past year. The two finest tips finally wore out and I sent them off to be replaced. Hopefully they'll come back soon. I miss them.

One of my Facebook groups (Tangled and Journaled, Too) has prompted a pattern a day challenge where we can either draw the daily prompt pattern or one of our choice. The idea is to create a pattern reference library in any format we choose. Ideas for storage include journals, Rolodexes, index cards & boxes or plastic sheets in a binder. Last year I started something of this ilk and ultimately abandoned it. I made a bunch of Twinchie/Bijoux tiles from a stack of watercolor pages I'd used to practice watercolor washes while testing out all my colors. I started by doing little illustrations on the ones where the colors inspired scenarios and then started making pattern cards that I keep in slide sleeves:

Currently I'm continuing this in my multimedia sketchbook and plan to cut them out and keep them in the slide sheets.
This is a super quick and easy way to collect patterns. Just one a day. I can do that. This is actually one of 10 pages I've done so far. I get a little OCD sometimes;-)

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year!...and it begins with Diva Challenge #249

Diva Challenge #249
Duotangle: Auraknot & Diva Dance

Happy New Year tangle friends! I'm really looking forward into getting back into my challenge routine after a hectic holiday month. I did this duo-tangle this morning over coffee and the Cooking Channel on a rainy day-off.
I'm also working on a swap which will include these ATC's:
I'm making 9 ATC's for this swap and tried a new approach. I started with a  9 x12 water colored page and did all of the line work in the large format using a couple of different sized jar lids:
Then I cut it down to 10 ATC's:
I've been participating in these swaps now since the Summer and this is the first time I've tried this approach after seeing it done by others so beautifully. It makes the composition of each ATC so much more interesting and it's exciting because you have no idea how each one is going to look. I'm detailing after cutting.
Backing up a bit to the "Gift of Zentangle"'s a 5x7 piece I made for my niece and her husband for Christmas. I was inspired by Antonine's gorgeous ZIA and her lovely pattern "Oybay". Thanks for the inspiration Antonine...they were delighted with it!

Speaking of the "Gift of Zentangle", my last post announced the 5 randomly chosen recipients of my 5 ATC's. I need snail mail addresses from 3 of you. Check out the post for my email address.

As ever, thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your thoughtful and generous comments always make my day!