Saturday, January 8, 2022

Junk-it January and More Randomness

I begin this new year as many creators in this rabbit hole of junk journalers tend to do, or at least wish to do, with a purge. I’ve got waaaayyyy more stuff than I could ever use and I need to get serious about 86ing a significant portion out the door rather than just moving it around the apartment.

My collage bits are out of control.
In an attempt to Marie Kondo my way through it I’ve devised a challenge to create 15 minute collages to hone my my instincts and trust my intuition.
 My goal is to burn through my collage stash and either use it or lose it.
I know I won’t like everything, but I’m confident I’ll build a useful stash of journal embellishments.
I’m also starting the “Wanderlust “ mixed-media art journaling class. New class every Friday for the whole year.
Here’s my trifle bowl collection of collages so far. 14 collages created over 4 sessions. Admittedly the first  6 or so took longer than 15 minutes but the 4 I made this morning were super quick.