Thursday, May 31, 2018

Weekly Challenges and Travelling Tangles

"Puf" Monotangle

Another for the DIY journal. I do like this pattern a lot, but I never use it and my creativity was eluding me in ways to vary it. I saw a version of this string idea somewhere in one of my Facebook groups and that was that.

Duo-challenge Joey #218 & IAST#245
featuring: Dicso, Strircles, Tattle and C-bun

 Adele celebrates National Donut Day with her donut string. This was a tricky one and as usual I had a few of those moments where I was ready to chuck the whole she-bang, but I pushed through. I really liked the Dicso part and my favorite part is the C-bun donut, everything after that was a bit of a slog;-) but I liked the way it turned out in the end. These are progressing into a really nice pattern reference.

I'm moving right along with the Travelling Tangles I've received over the last month. I've been quite inspired and out of the 11 swaps I initiated, I've received 8 and finished 7;-) I now have to start thinking about how I'm going to archive all of these. I want to do some kind of multi media journal so I can include all of the cards and envelopes. Stay tuned;-)

My finishes.. these starters from Linda Brown Levin

My finish... another of Linda's starters

My finishes... these starters by Jill Clements

I love this toothy little calf
another Cheese Camp baby

Thanks so much for stopping by! Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me.


  1. I always find your work so beautiful. I only wish I had a smidgen of your artistic capabilities!

  2. Every week, I'm glad to see appearing your inspiring posst with beautiful tiles, pictures and interesting information. Every tile is unique and wonderful but it is normal that we have favorites and for me, the absolute gorgeous eye catcher is that second travelingtile, finished by you from Linda!!!(beautiful drawn tangles, nice contrasts and stunning colours)

    1. Many thanks Ria! That's one of my favorite finishes too. The surface of the tile had a metallic finish and was very difficult to draw on so I finally had to break out the brush pen. It worked beautifully;-)

  3. Lovely tangles but I'm so confused there's a calf but no cat? I must be at the wrong place???

    1. Thanks Trudi! I've been sharing a few baby animal pics from a recent farm trip. I'm a city gal so the farm is quite a novelty to me;-)

  4. This week again you have done wonderful work, Michele! I like all of your shown tiles. I think my favorites are the dou-tangle and the two first traveling tiles, which are a great composition of patterns and colorful background. Your DIVA monotangle shows a very nice composition of Puf.

  5. Beautiful work as always, Michele!

  6. Hello Michele, I love your PUF tile very much and the duo-challenge-tile is so creative! I like that!!!
    Many greetings from germany,