Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A New Year and a few drawin's

Trainwreck Journal
"In 2018, I will..."

Happy New Year everybody!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and I want to thank everyone who found their way here over the last month and left such lovely comments.'s what I've been up to this past week...

Little Pieces of Art
Texture study
I love this Lemur!!!
BFK Rives Illustration paper
Platinum Preppy EF nib fountain pen

Little pieces of Art
Texture study
Platinum Plaisir fountain pen

Setting up the last few pages of my Trainwreck Journal
Daiso watercolor set
$1.50 for a set of 12 tubes!

I'll be making another one of these ASAP. It was the best $3.00 I've ever spent. Paper and paint both came from Daiso and the time I spent developing my mad bookbinding skilz...well...I hafta say I love it! The best thing about the Trainwreck is that ended up best illustrating my 2017 word of the year:

I drew this on New Year's Eve 2016. It was a prompt from the Facebook group, Tangled and Journaled, Too! It took me most of the year to get here and that's ok;-)
The Trainwreck is a mess of half-baked ideas and meanderings, fits and starts and some serious fun. It's been my best creative tool.

Trainwreck journal
dip pen & blue ink 
texture study-tree bark

Sharpie and a Pentel Stylo

Dip Pen with Winsor Newton Violet ink
white gelly roll pen

trying out some different inks

Texture and value study

"I likes dis here color. It matches my eyes"

Thanks so much for stopping by. Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me;-)


  1. I finally made it over to your site and while scrolling down there were all these tangle tiles and 'real' studies...I am glad nobody asks me to draw a worm!!! Just wonderful, Michele. The Fearless tile, so delicate and the Toodles garden with the full moon, fantastic design idea. All I can do is stare.
    PS: Dam sends his regards to Aimee!

    1. Thanks so much Susie! I really appreciate your kind words...Aimee does too;-)

  2. I love looking at your creativity. It is very inspiring. I like the top trainwreck journal page. Very organic in nature. Happy New Year and I look forward to being inspired by you.

    1. Many thanks Pat! That was a really fun page;-) Happy New Year and Cheers! to a year full of creative adventures!

  3. Wonderful post MIchelle with an amazing start of the Trainwreck picture, love the colours, and than the drawing of the lemur, I love it!!!
    Also that"Fearless" work is fantastic. It is such a pleasure to see all those wonderful stuff on the other side of the ocean...
    I would have eyes lke Aimée, no one can resits those ones!!!

    1. Thank you Ria! I had forgotten about that Fearless page until I searched for a word to describe the Trainwreck. So I guess the word for this year is "Do" ;-)

  4. You (and Aimee) are so freakin' talented! Your drawings and her adorable expressions make a visit to your blog so enjoyable. xo
    ~ joey ~