Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Diva Challenge #343 and Sketchbooks


The eco-print I started with

I had a feeling this one would appear sooner rather than later. I played around with Dewd a bit when the video first appeared a few weeks back. It's not as easy as it looks. I figured Dewd would be a great addition to my eco-printed series. I also had another go at Paradox. This was really fun to draw. After the first row of Dewd, I thought it might be better to just do straight up stalks, but I was already invested. 

Sketchbook stuff:

After days of deliberating how to start the new DIY sketchbook I shared last week, pondering themes and whatnot, I just dove in with a prompt I saw on Draw Tip Tuesday earlier this week. It seemed like a bit of a train wreck as I moved through it and that was the intent. It took the pressure off of any thoughts of perfection. In the end the black background really pulled it together.

The first page of my new sketchbook
Gratitude with Attitude

I'm working through my first attempt at a handmade bound book:

Little Zen Menu November prompt mash-up
Zendala string #103, Less is More (in my world) and a little Betweed

This is the Fearless, Fun & Funky sketchbook. It's a hot mess. The pages are all wonky because my punched holes are off-alignment, the spine is too wide so the whole thing lies crookedly and the thread work was really clumsy (hence the washi tape)...but, it's all good. I decided to really have fun with it because there is nothing I can do to mess it up any more than it is.
First I threw a bunch of watercolor at it, using some cheap paint I got at Daiso for $1.50 for 8 tubes. I had fun swirling around the colors and then closing the page to get a mirror imprint. Then noodled around with lettering and using various black liner pens. I had a bit of a scare when I clogged up my new Lamy fountain pen. I should have known better because the cheap paint was very chalky. I did have great success with a really inexpensive Pentel Stylo.
I'm getting back into the Little Zen Menu prompts from the Facebook group Tangled & Journaled Too.
LZM: FeatherFall/Mooka

LZM: It starts with one small circle  within another circle

This was a mash-up of several prompts including:
watercolor, Zendala String #116, Huggins and Printemps, Joki, Cruffle and Dark


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  1. I'm finding Dewd a particularly relaxing tangle to draw, once it clicked, but I haven't actually used it much yet...

    I think your wonky journal is wonderful. It's got so much life it in, it's uncontainable. And the mirror printing of the paint, and all the tangling, and yes, I'm enthusiastic can you tell!

    1. Many thanks Jem! I do enjoy drawing Dewd and intend to play some more. It's the space between that vexes me. The wonky journal is great fun;-)

  2. What a lovely DIVA tile! I love the combination of your tangles around Dewd (is it Sandswirl or Dansk... I´m not sure..)
    Although Paradox is a straight line tangle the whole tile looks very floral. It really fits very well to your dyed paper. GReat work!
    I love all your other tiles and sketches as well, as every of your posts... very inspiring! The "Featherfall" is my favourite and the Cat is just funny cute! I am looking forward to the next post, Michele!

    1. Thank you so much Simone! I had a lot of fun planting Dewd in my cosmic garden;-) I'm really happy with the Featherfall page. I truly appreciate your kind words and encouragement;-)

  3. Love the dewd tile! The new sketchbook is off to a great start. I went and watched the Draw tip tuesday video, Thanks! Your hot mess book is fun too! Great place to experiment! I laughed at Yoga cat! :)

    1. Thanks so much Kate! I've been subscribed to the Draw Tip Tuesday channel for a couple of years now and it's such an inspiration.

  4. Love the way you Dewd it! Beautiful tangled!

  5. Thanks for another beautiful post full of little jewels, especially the Featherfall/Mooka tile is my favorite of the week.
    Aimee is really amazing!!!

  6. Your featherfall/mooka tile is my favourite. Love the detail in all of them.

  7. All so very beautiful and the Diva tile is really great; I love the way you can see through little holes!

  8. I dont know where to begin with comment so i say to All your tiles, Lovely

  9. I love your Dewd tile and the comination of the patterns!
    Your sketchbook is really inspiring - I like the cat :-)
    But also your Featherfall is so great (this pattern is not a friend of mine... ;-)) and I love your pattern circles.
    Wonderful work :-)

  10. I'm drooling and laughing at the same time!!! Drooling over your drawing, the new sketchbook and that less-is-more Zendala template, which is b r i l l i a n t! (Hope you don't mind if I try that?!) Laughing at your description of how you couldn't make it any worse!! And Yogi Aimee is hilarious!

  11. So much creativity and yummy wonderful pieces as always! You’re going to have so much fun with your handmade notebook!

  12. I love your Dewd with Paradox on your beautiful eco-printed paper! Lovely work all around.

  13. Wonderful tiles and a heartwarming cat!