Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Joey's Weekly Challenge #181 and other stuff

Ensemble piece #4
Featuring: "Breach"
Additionally: Striping, Crescent Moon, Tripoli

Travelling Tangles:

My finish...

Arukas seems to be one of my go to solutions to many Travelling Tangle quandaries. This idea for Arukas came from something I saw on Lily Moon's blog.

...to this fun start by Debra Huff

92 Days: Done🍻

Moving on to a new series of drawing prompts at Tangled and Journaled Too! called The Little Zen Menu.
5 or so prompts are posted each week to pick and choose as we please.

Zendala string #64

I don't find I have the discipline or precision for zendalas, but, I'll give it the old college try.

"Uhhh...hello?...I don't see salmon pate on this list?"

Thanks so much for stopping by. Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me 😉💞🍻


  1. wow your work is beautiful and so inspiring. I particularly love the first tile!

  2. Joey's weekly challenge 181! Gorgeous tile! Love the colours.

  3. Don't find you have the precision for Zendalas? Nonsense. You create magic with your pens. Never tell yourself any different.

    1. Thank you Stephanie! alas, my deficit's in zendala creation are real and I'm fine with it. I embrace a more free form approach to them;-) We'll see, as it looks like there will be a weekly zendala prompt offered on the groups Little Zen Menu.

  4. I find no one can do this Zendala better! Your tiles are always gorgeous and inspiring :-))

  5. Joey's tile is gorgeous! Colours, tangles and the way they are drwn! Love it.
    P.S. I would quickly get salmon pate for this cute one :-)

  6. Always a surprising moment when I open your blogpost, always beautiful work and something to learn. I like the way of drawing Arukas and your Zendala is stunning but my big favorite of the week is your tile for Joey. The way you have drawn Breach is absolutely gorgeous, just as the whole tile!!!and I love your little tiger.

    1. Thank you Ria! I'm having a lot of fun with the Joey series and learning so much myself along the way. I truly appreciate your kind words and comment here...Aimee does too;-)

  7. Whow! So much to get inspiration from! Your journalpages are amazing!😍

  8. Everyone is doing such great tiles for the 9 week Challenge at Joey's I'm running out of things to say they are all so great! I do like your colours, I wish mine were lighter as you can see your lines beautifully.

  9. Again a wonderful fragment in harmony! Your colors are so amazing! I like your other tiles and your hungry cat too!