Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Diva Challenge #320, Joey Challenge #196 and My Prompt Journal

Use My Tangle: Dansk by Margaret Bremner
additionally: Isla, Wud and Tipple

I was only able to watch a little of Laura's stream on Sunday night because I had to work. I was delighted to see Dansk. It's been on my to do list as it's similar to one of my favorite fills, Sandswirl. I love aura'd patterns but I've always been a little unsatisfied with them because I realized (after seeing  and listening to Laura work through some aura'd patterns) I've been working too fast. The key to great auras is to go slow and concentrate on even spacing between each aura. I wasn't always successful here but I'm getting better;-)
I made a bunch of wine stained tiles awhile ago using a the dregs of a bottle of corked red wine. The color dried really weirdly. It started off grey and over time it's turned brown.

" 92 Days"
Daily Drawing Prompts

My floral day was inspired by Michele Beauchamp's stripey flowers and I tried out Dansk here first. I had some bleed through from Orange day and I was not very happy with "Chence" day. The resolve of the strings is a bit clumsy. I need to watch Helen Williams video again.

Finish my tile Alphabet Series: X
featuring X's and Orbs
additionally: Xenso

I created this series on Bijou tiles to use as headers in my pattern library binder. Last week, I decided to reorganize my patterns by type;-P

Here are more of my journal prompts for the week:

This is my favorite!

If I fits, I sits!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me.


  1. How Lovely you did the Diva's challenge! And your cat is a beauty!😍

  2. Beautiful journal!!! Love your cat :-)

  3. Love your journal. In my eyes you are the artist I wanna be, but know I will never be.

  4. I'm doing the Summer project too and really enjoying it so far. I still struggle with this reticula/fragment thing. I think it's the fancy names that put me off! (Does that sound like an excuse to you? Yep, me too.) You have done such a lot of lovely work here, I am in awe.

    1. Thanks Margaret! I struggle with the R/F thing too. Every time I'm tasked to deal with it I feel a bit out-of-the-loop because I don't have the book. It's like there's a big secret out there that I'm not privy to, but that's ok;-)

  5. Beautiful work Michele! Getting good and consistent spacing between lines is so hard, suddenly I'll think why is my pen moving over there and then it's too late. The dark line of your X really makes it stand out and your shading is lovely. Love your 'basket' cat.

    1. Thanks so much Trudi! I'm definitely gonna keep at Dansk because I've seen such lovely results to the challenge. It's good to be reminded to slow down;-)

  6. Nice pieces. I especially like seeing your journal. Well, and the cat, of course :)

  7. Like you I'm always to hasty drawing lines. Thanks for reminding me to sllloooowwwwww down :-) Love the tile, love the cat!

  8. Beautiful tiles! Your work is always so inspirational. :)