Saturday, August 13, 2016

String Challenge #157 and some Travelling Tangles

It's a String Thing Challenge #157: Duotangle
featuring "Abeko" and"Phroz"

Looks like Duotangles are hot this week;-) This was great fun as I'm quite into "Abeko" lately.
I decorated my Travelling Tangle note cards with it;-)

I used it on this Travelling Tangle I completed recently:
Sabrina Kirjavainen from Finland sent these two lovely pieces:

I finished this piece from Sandy Kelley-Jones with "Hollyhock" and "Caviar":

Sandy sent me this (the line-work is perfection):
look how perfect the Onomato orbs are
 I can only dream of such precision;-)

I finished Debra Huff's piece with Ruutz, Diva Dance and Sandswirl. I "Tipple" everything;-)

I had just finished this:
6"x8" multi-media sketchbook ZIA

I put this group of ATC's up for swap a few weeks ago:

Sandy Kelley-Jones finished this one off so beautifully. There's some metallic and a little glitter going on here which sadly doesn't quite get captured in photographs.
This one travelled to The Netherlands:
Here's Kim Aarts fantastic finish

That's it for this week;-) Check out the Travelling Tangles Project page on Facebook to see more awesome collaborations!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me.


  1. Wow, Michele, I see so many lovely travelling tiles- it is so interesting to see two separate Zentangle styles melt together in a tile.
    What about a cooperation between USA and Germany?? I would be thrilled to share with you some travelling tiles as I admire your style very much!
    Greetings, Simone

    1. Thanks Simone! I would love to share a Travelling Tangle with you. Here's my email:
      Please send me your address and I can post something off to you this week;-)

  2. So many pretty things! I really love Abeko. It's really versatile as a tangle, isn't it? :)

    1. Thank you Stephanie Jennifer! It's my new favorite pattern;-)

  3. That sketchbook ZIA is stunning. I could lose myself for hours just looking at it!

    1. Thank you Jem! I really lost myself in the drawing of it too;-)