Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's a String Thing #158 and some Travelling Tangles

2016 Olympics theme using "Drogon" 
plus my own selected "Mac 'n Cheese" patterns: 
Sandswirl, Barber pole, Crescent Moon, Pokeleaf and Opus

Adele's Olympic theme is represented by a "16" string. The featured pattern is Lily Moon's latest, "Drogon" and then we're free to use our "Gold Medal" (faves) patterns.
I'm very excited because I just got a new cell phone with a really nice camera, well... nicer than my old junkster idiotphone cam. So now I don't have to detour to the library to use the scanner. Yippee!
I used a pre-washed watercolor tile and a red (maroon) Gelly Roll pen for the line work. Drogon is such a simple pattern to lay out and the shading and highlight really give it so much dimension. This tile was a pleasure to complete using so many of my faves. I could draw Sandswirl forever. I love "Opus" because I can fill it with "Tipple".

Travelling Tangles I completed this week:
My finish to Kim Aart's lovely beginnings...

...traveling all the way from the Netherands

My finish to Anita Westin's lovely start...

...traveling from Sweden

This was my finish to the companion piece Deb Huff sent...

...traveling north from Southern California

These are some ATC's I sent out using watercolor and salt for the background. This was one of the themed group swaps where we were to use the pattern "Singapore Sling":
This one traveled to Debra Huff in Southern California...

...and here's Deb's amazing finish!

This traveled to Anita Westin in Sweden...

...and she finished it off fabulously!

If you've not yet checked it out, the Travelling Tangles Project on Facebook is super fun!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me!


  1. Your IAST 158 tile is what brought me to your blog -- so gorgeous! I am really delighted with the way you are using color, shading and highlights!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Julie! I appreciate your feedback and generous comments. I've been having a lot of fun with color in recent weeks.

  2. Always very nice colors and always different, that is really interesting, beautiful done and also again very nice traveling tiles. I agree, that is fun and now, I'm also an addict!

    1. Thank you Ria! One of the many pleasures of the Travelling Tangles group is the different papers and backgrounds are as inspiring as the line work. I don't purchase the official Zentangle tiles mostly due to expense and the vast amount of paper I already have on hand, but they sure are a joy to draw on;-)

  3. I love seeing your travelling tangles again even though I think I've seen most of them in the group 😉 My husband insisted on me replacing my old not smart flip phone a couple of months age and I chose my new one for the camera lol. It's been a godsend with the TTP though I'm still forgetting before shots.
    Thanks for linking this post from your challenges one too.

    1. Thanks Suse! The new camera makes all the difference in the world. I take pictures of the incoming art right away. That way I have the before but I also post it to the group so the sender knows their art has been received.