Sunday, June 26, 2022

Past, Present and Future Adventures

Travel journal #1. I discovered junk journals several years ago to find a more creative way to document and store all of my travel ephemera. It’s taken me all of this time to get one going.

I found this paper stack at my neighborhood Ross store last week for $6.00. I can’t say I was all that keen on it, but I rarely find paper packs there. I really liked the map pages 

This is significant because this vintage map page from the paper pack includes this very remote First Nations Reserve, Moose Factory Island. That’s where my Dad was from and that’s where I’ll be traveling to next year. So this is what kick started my journal.

I tea dyed all of the patterned papers. They were too intense for my liking.

I stenciled the back sides

The writing board, because I expect this may get bumpy inside

This is a re-purposed Readers Digest book. The cover was decoupaged with scraps of  bleeding art tissue that I had used to dye paper awhile back.

Some of the graphics were way too scrapbooky so I went crazy with my distress inks and made envelopes and then collaged all over them.
In the end, I wanted a lot of space to write and draw, backgrounds to glue in photos and make collages, and pockets to store ephemera and postcards, which I use as journal cards.

 I spent all morning making this band to hold my watercolor cards whilst binge watching my new favorite You Tuber, Caylee Grey. She does some really inspiring art travel journals.

Her best tip: Start your adventures at home. I live in a tourist destination. I always forget that, especially over the last 2+ years. I’m a homebody by nature but I’ve become way too reclusive and now I’ve gotta motivate for new adventures and enjoy this city again.

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