Sunday, July 25, 2021

Using My Stash


Last night, I finally dove into the ridiculous pile of ribbons and beads I've amassed over the last several years, always inspired yet somehow resistant to delve into the the added complexity of Junk Journal Jewelry.

Last week I made my first trek in a year and a half out to Joann's fueled by a fist full of dog sitting $, email coupons and a sale. Though I had an idea of a paper haul, I ended up with a bunch of new beads and charms.

The absolute best find ever were these wire heading needles. I had no idea I even needed these even though I always struggle with getting beads onto the the hemp cord I've been using (a cheap Ross find) because it frays so easily. My Joann's search had been for big hole beads. Yet, once I started these I still struggled through about 3 tassels before I thought to try the needles.

Game changer.

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