Saturday, August 12, 2017

It's a String Thing Challenge #207 and The Bare Bones

It's a String Thing Challenge #207
featuring: Cross-Ur-Heart

It's been a while since I've done an IAST challenge, but I've been wanting to try Cross-Ur-Heart since I first noticed it popping up in my various feeds. It's a bit surprising to me because I've always had a curmudgeonly aversion to heart inspired patterns.

This is the string

If you've been following my blog you may have noticed I've been on a bit of a tangent with the water soluble fine liners, creating these little bubble effects everywhere I can. I wasn't aware they bled when I bought them and only through a "happy accident" in my journal where I'd used a wet medium on the backside of a page of some fine liner drawing, did I discover the blurry mistake opportunity. Anyhoo, after several explorations, I thought this might be a good theme for another "Bare Bones" process post since I had the foresight to photograph this from the start:

I started this on a tile colored with re-used art tissue
the line work is down using the purple fineliner

I dropped some water onto the tile using a straw

I let it bleed for a few minutes and then using the corner of a napkin 
I  carefully absorbed the excess water

I let it finish drying,
then, using a black 005 Micron, I added circles

I used a "Black Cherry" Prismacolor pencil  to lay in the first shadow
I use the Prismacolor Colorless Marker blender to smooth out the pencil

To finished it off I used a light grey Tombow marker to darken the edges around the bubbles, followed by white Prismacolor pencil to highlight the bubbles and final dots of white with a Signo Uniball broad tip.

I used a blue violet Prismacolor pencil to do the line work for the additional fill...and that's it.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me;-)


  1. Saw this on Facebook and thought it was stunning but the walkthrough is very helpful. And the result is still stunning! I've played about with my black Triplus, but as well as the purple colour when it bleeds there's a rather off brown too. However I'm experimenting with a fountain pen. Results to follow but thanks for encouraging me to go off-road!

    1. Thanks Jem! I find the colored pencils indispensable in getting some color definition on the faded areas too. It's too early to tell what's to become of all of this because these pens are not archival.

  2. Oh wow. I love what you're doing. :) what a brilliant idea to use the bleed to add features. I dont think I'd have the guts to try!

    1. Thank you! It all started with a piece that was not going the way I was hoping so I figured I had nothing to lose by using it as a test piece...and the rest is history 😉

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