Monday, February 10, 2020

101 Journals Project: Decorating "The Way of Grace"

This is a 6 x 6 inch journal made from a Trader Joe's Shu Mai box, painted white then decoupaged with a decorative napkin.

These journals are "Anything Goes" or "Stash-Mash-ups".
Over the last 2+ years I've been at this junk journaling thing, I've amassed an extensive amount of hand made ephemera fueled by my daily YouTube tutorial binging including a lot of unfinished pieces.
My decorating scheme is bust through that stash. However, after a 4 month hiatus from the craft stores, I went on a little spree last week and bought a couple of flower punches. I love them! I made several more bits to stick in the journals.
I've had this Daiso yellow craft paper forever.
Daiso origami paper
Coffee dyed envelope pockets.
This is a page from National Geographic. It's something under a microscope.

Lots of little collages...
Decoupaged napkins...
I use a lot of museum quarterly brochures and Edible magazine pages because I like the matte surfaces , the paper  weight and the images. The text is great to paint or collage over.

I love making little collages
Although the cover may suggest this is a garden themed journal, it clearly is not.


  1. Your journals are always mesmerising to look at. Every page is full of surprises. They bring out a child-like delight in me - I think of those stories where kids find a book with secrets inside. Not sure kids these days would be delighted with something as simple? Maybe, hopefully some still would!

    1. Thanks Jem! As much as I try to refrain from over decorating, the blank page always beckons some kind of attention.