Monday, December 3, 2018

Project Share-Two Swaps

It's official. I'm hooked on this whole junk journaling thing and I'm really enjoying the swaps organized in the Facebook group Trashy and Flowish Junk Journals. Until I can achieve the bandwidth to make video flip-throughs of these projects, I decided to create separate posts to document the art I send away. I also realize that I need a way to archive ideas that I might otherwise forget down the road.
I sent out two swaps last week.
This first one is a Flow-ish Journal. This is basically a stash swap where the contents cover an assortment of inspiring journaling papers, images and ephemera that can later be removed by the recipient to use in their other art. Elements are not permanently bound or glued.
I'm not a scrapbooker or card maker so my own stash consists mostly of images I've collected throughout my years as Theatrical Costume Designer/student as well as  cards and papers I decorate myself.

This cover is a file folder that I collaged, painted and stenciled

I've tucked in several decorative napkins which are fun to use in collage
I also have a very large collection of art related postcards

I have a lot of costume reference images
the butterfly is a napkin I fused to cardstock and then stitched on the sewing machine
there's a little cluster in the corner using scraps and postage stamps

there's a piece of eco-printed watercolor paper
a belly band made of cardstock infused with a napkin
 french playing cards
 and paper clips with fibers attached otherwise known as Hairy Paperclips

coffee stained ledger paper
painted junk mail envelopes
a napkin/cardstock journaling card
copies of my hand drawn butterflies
and stamps on resume paper

I made a snippet roll
scraps and small images stitched onto a strip of fabric

tea dyed doilies

magazine pages stenciled and outlined a with gold paint pen
pieces of "Drop Paper" (sheets of calligraphy paper used under what I'm arting)
hand made tags
the pages are held in place by a length of bakers twine that wraps around the spine and the papers slide underneath the twine

the two signature covers are mixed media paper stenciled with tea

stenciled magazine pages

a decorated recycled envelope holding some clusters

I collaged some napkin scraps onto an insert
from a box that held 12 small wheels of cheese
(I work at a cheese counter)

some more drop papers that I added some stamping and stenciling to

I folded up some tourist maps into pockets to hold some of the handmade tags

This is my latest "Signature Swap". It's an 8 page signature (two 8 1/2" x 11" sheets folded in half) to form a completed signature. The decoration is permanent with pockets and bands that can hold tags and journaling cards.

That is all.


  1. A feast for the eyes. But I'm particularly drawn to your stencilling - I need to get into that for it's potential for laying down patterns as strings. Can you recommend any decent but low cost brands of stencils?

    1. Thanks Jem! I get most of my stencils at 2 local discount stores and it's really hit and miss. I've found the Faber Castell decorating stencils to be my favorites. They're made of heavy cardstock, large, and they came 6 or 8 in a set for $2.00! I stalk my neighborhood Ross Store at least once a week. I have 2 different sets that I got at two different times, months apart and there was only the one packet each time. Look for decorator stencils, usually found in some larger hardware/paint stores. They're much cheaper than artists/scrapbooker/cardmaking stencils.

    2. Thanks Michele. Very helpful advice. I've had a quick look online and can see some that look like they'd suit my needs. I've bookmarked them for exploration in the new year. I'll let you know how I get on!

  2. Thank you Michele for sharing your beautiful art and lovely idea's.
    I miss your posts and I hope everything is okay with you?
    Wish you a happy new year and hope to "see" you soon again!
    Greetings from the heart from Belgium,