Tuesday, April 11, 2017

IAST #191, Made by Joey #159 and Travelling Tangles

Adele's Easter Egg String
featuring: Zenith, Keeko, Echoism and Mel Mel

I had planned to post this last week but time just got away from me. I'll keep this short and sweet as I've got a pile of Travelling Tangles to share along with these challenges.
First up IAST #191: I'm a bit resistant to holiday themed challenges, so the challenge always is to disguise it. I really tried to make the egg go away and I was doing pretty well until the shading;-) I used one of the sunset tiles I created for the current Travelling Tangles swap. It's kinda Faberge.

Finish my Tile Alphabet Series: N
featuring: Natty
additionally: Namaste and Nipa

A few weeks ago I instigated several Travelling Tangle swaps. Here are some of my finishes followed by my starts finished by my peeps.

Bustin' out some Bijou's (or is it Bijoux?)

Raye Burnett sent me this li'l gem
from Eugene, Oregon

Stacey Furtado sent me this cutie
from New Hope, Pennsylvania

Heidi Whitney sent me this Zingo
from Murray, Utah

My finish...

...to Stacey Furtado's lovely beginning

Stacey also sent me this beauty

I pondered it a good long time before putting my pen to it:

I had been looking at Simone Menzel's "Noom" Diva Challenge and thought how lovely Noom and Aura-leah looked together. This seemed like the perfect place to try it out.

Now for my starters:

I sent this to Debra Huff in Oceanside, California

This is her fun finish

This  was my start to the Rooster Swap I sent to Debra

...and her vibrant finish

I sent this ATC to Heidi Whitney 

I love her seamless finish!

I sent this to Margaret Blank in the UK

I love how she finished this!

Another ATC I sent to Margaret

...and her fantasy finish. Cool isn't it?

Thanks so much for stopping by. Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me!