Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Diva Challenge #290 and Made by Joey #136

a travelling two-fer
Diva Challenge #290: a Duo-tangle using Flux and 'Nzeppel
Made by Joey #136: Finish my Tangle Series-Fracas

On Monday morning, reading the challenges, I was in a hotel lobby with my sketchbook  waiting for my sister to get up. We were wrapping up a wonderful week of wedding events in Seattle, celebrating the marriage of my nephew.
I wasn't able to complete any travelling tangles this week and didn't get much drawing done at all. With my few essential tools and a 4 hour flight delay, I got down to business. I worked back and forth between the two.
This was the wedding present:

Me and my handsome nephew J.R. on the big day.

The adorable couple:

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  1. We have given each other already a long time feedback, so it was a nice surprise to see your face. You look so nice and happy on the picture and you have drawn a beautiful wedding present for the adorable couple. Wish you a nice time!

  2. Amazing tangling compositions!
    Many thanks for sharing your photos! You're looking so happy! Wonderful picture!

  3. How nice to meet you like this! A beautiful weddinggift for sure! I love to peep into sketchbooks! Your´s looks great!

  4. Your tiles are really nice, but I enjoyed seeing a photo of you more :) Congrats to the happy couple and I know they will treasure your gift!

  5. Hi Michelle! Cutie! what a great gift...and I love the diva challenge tile. It's so lush!

  6. I like your NZeppel as background and the wedding present is gorgeous!

  7. I love your wedding outfit, what colour is it? That wedding present has given me an idea for a small gift for mys on and his wife, who are getting married tomorrow. Do I have time? No, but I can start.

    1. Thanks Margaret! The skirt was olive green with copper and blue flowers and leaves. I made it as a 50's cocktail dress 2 years ago for my niece's wedding and then did a little creative re-purposing;-)

  8. What a fantastic and unique wedding gift! I like your both challenge tiles, too! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

  9. Love your tiles! The shading is lovely.

  10. Love to see a photo of you and you do look happy. Beautiful tiles. I love the Joey one.

  11. So lovely pictures! Isn't it great to do a tangle challenge being on a different place than home. Just beeing somewhere tangling! Thanks for sharing this! And such a lovely smile!!!

  12. Your DIVA Sketch is stunning ! And the wedding present is unbelievable beautiful- such an individual present!
    The wedding Pictures are very nice- you all look very happy!

  13. Lucky nephew to be receiving such a wonderful, heartfelt wedding gift. It's beautifully done. Love your challenge tiles as well this week. As they say, it really doesn't take many supplies to make some beautiful art with Zentangle. And thank you for sharing your picture with us, it's always good to put a face with a name.