Thursday, January 28, 2016

Made by Joey #97 & Diva Challenge #252

Made by Joey Challenge #97
music note string
pattern: Pais
Diva Challenge #252
Tangle in a tangle: "W2" string with Betweed & Prestwood

Boy! this week sure got away from me quickly. Joey's challenge this week was the final in a series of 4 musically inspired challenges. I really didn't create a series, unless my choice to draw them in my sketchbook counts (not intentional) and with the exception of the first one, they have all been black & white (again not intentional). This was a great series of challenges though as we were provided with a string and though I probably could have used a little creative licence to adapt the strings to the watercolor ATC's I usually use, I've been on a bit of a back to basics kick, so that's sort of followed me through this months challenges.
For The Diva we're to "bigify" a tangle and tangle inside it. I love doing that.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Your thoughtful and generous comments inspire me.


  1. Love the patterns inside the Pais and how you have shaded this one! There is so much depth and movement it's like it's singing a song! Your Diva is awesome too, I love W2 and again the tangles that you chose to fill it in and your amazing shading finishes it off so nicely!

  2. The amount of variations you did to "Pais" is just beautiful. And the shading adds so much depth. Both tiles are so lovely.

  3. Your challenge tiles are really pretty and they make a nice composition on the same page.

  4. Your back to basics kick is giving you some lovely work. It's kind of fun to go back here and there. Great tiles.

  5. Very lovely tiles. Love the Made By Joey one!

  6. Wow! All those variations of Pais and the DEPTH you created with your shading! Really impressive tiles. Your Diva challenge is outstanding! What did you put in the corners? You always inspire me, Michele!

  7. I love, love , love your tiles!!! The shading/ highlighting is perfect!

  8. My goodness, what more can I say, the depth in those tiles is amazing. W2 is tricky to draw by itself without having to put tangles inside it. Lovely.